How To Clean Plaque Under Gums

Plaque buildup happens over time, and the rules of thumb like brushing twice daily and flossing helps prevent and remove plaque from under your gums. Oil pulling is a unique and natural remedy that can help clean plaque. Pair this natural plaque removal process with preventative strategies to keep your teeth clean and clear of any plaque buildup.

Oil Pulling & Plaque Prevention Supplies

Oil pulling is the first recommended course of action to help remove plaque from under the gum. Oil pulling is a simple process, but it does require a little bit of patience. After completing this process, you can brush your teeth and follow the steps for plaque prevention. Here are a few options and supplies you will need to clean the plaque from along your gumline.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the natural oils you can use for the oil pulling procedure. Oil pulling helps reduce bad breath, prevent cavities, reduce inflammation, and much more.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects and is another great choice for oil pulling. One of the all-important fatty acids contained in coconut oil is lauric acid, which can help remove plaque and keep the oral cavity healthy.

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 15 Fluid Ounce | USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade | Vegan, Keto, Paleo | Fresh Coconut Flavor and Aroma for Cooking & Healthy Skin and Hair
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  • EASY TO USE PACKAGING: Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil is packaged in safe, convenient, BPA-free packaging.


A good toothbrush is necessary for plaque prevention. There are many different toothbrush options on the market. Some of them can even be used to floss your teeth, clean your tongue and remove plaque along the gumline.

Oral-B Smart Limited Battery Power Electric Toothbrush, Rose Gold
  • Includes rechargeable handle, charger, 2 brush heads, travel case
  • Position Detection to help you know where you've brushed, so you never miss a zone
  • Multicolor SmartRing on electric toothbrush provides coaching on brushing time
  • Pressure sensor technology slows brush speed to protect gums
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Baking soda is another all-natural plaque prevention and removal strategy. Therefore, you should purchase a toothpaste that contains baking soda. When shopping for toothpaste, make sure that it has fluoride to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening with Stain Defense, Clean, No Mint, 6 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • STAIN DEFENSE TECHNOLOGY: Helps to whiten your teeth and prevents new stains from setting. Formulated with refined dental grade baking soda to give you a noticeably whiter, brighter smile
  • POWER OF BAKING SODA: ARM & HAMMER baking soda gently cleans and neutralizes acids that weaken and erode enamel
  • CAVITY PROTECTION: Fluoride toothpaste deep cleans and penetrates between the teeth and along the gum line to remove plaque and help prevent cavities
  • EXTREME WHITENING: Boosted with peroxide to gently target tough set-in stains with extra whitening power
  • Three 6 oz. tubes of Arm & Hammer Advance White Extreme Whitening Toothpaste


Oil pulling loosens plaque and bacteria from your oral cavity; however, a daily mouthwash is still needed for optimal oral health. An effective mouthwash will contain ingredients that fight against the bacteria and germs that cause plaque buildup.

Listerine Total Care Alcohol-Free Anticavity Mouthwash, 6 Benefit Fluoride Mouthwash for Bad Breath and Enamel Strength, Fresh Mint Flavor, 1 L (Pack of 2)
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  • 6-IN-1 BENEFITS: Fluoride-rich mouthwash offers six benefits in one to kill germs that cause bad breath, strengthen teeth, help prevent cavities, restore enamel, clean your mouth and freshen breath
  • 50% STRONGER TEETH: Alcohol-free mouthwash freshens breath while helping to make teeth 50% stronger than brushing alone, according to laboratory studies
  • PROTECTS DAY AND NIGHT: Protect your mouth by adding a 60-second rinse of this anticavity mouthwash to your morning and evening oral care routines
  • REFRESHING Mint FLAVOR: Zero alcohol mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay while leaving a fresh mint flavor for a fresh clean feeling you can taste and comes in a twin pack


Flossing your teeth daily is recommended for plaque prevention and removal. Taking care of your teeth takes time, but skipping steps is going to find you scheduling more dental appointments.

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How To Remove Plaque From Gums

Removing plaque from gums can be achieved by employing both plaque removal techniques and plaque prevention strategies. Oil pulling is one way to tackle the problem of plaque along the gumline. This oral care procedure can be followed by your daily oral health routine. Follow these four easy steps so you can have a fresher, cleaner mouth.

Step One: Oil Pulling Procedure

The oil pulling process can be completed in one simple step. This process can take up to 30 minutes, so it is important that you remain patient through the oil pulling process. You will need one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil. You want to swish this oil around your mouth for 20-30 minutes just like you would do a mouthwash. Make sure that the oil reaches every area of your mouth and is pulled through each of your teeth. After you complete the oil pulling procedure for plaque removal, spit the solution out and rinse your mouth out with a bit of water.  

Step Two: Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is necessary after oil pulling. Brushing your teeth helps to remove any loosened plaque, it also helps whisk away germs and any remaining traces of oil in your mouth. When brushing your teeth, make sure you reach every tooth and brush for at least two minutes. To help keep plaque away and keep your teeth looking beautiful, brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Step Three: Floss Your Teeth

Now it is time to floss your teeth. There are many different tools that can be used for flossing. You can use traditional floss, floss picks, and even devices that are designed to floss for you. You should floss after each meal; however, that is not always feasible. For best results, floss at least twice daily.

Step Four: Use a Mouthwash

Mouthwash, like oil pulling, helps you reach the areas of your mouth that brushing alone cannot. An effective mouthwash will kill germs and help remove bacteria and plaque that reside along the gumline.

Final Thoughts

Plaque buildup is inevitable if you do not use both plaque prevention measures and plaque removal strategies. Oil pulling is great, and when paired with brushing, flossing, and rinsing, your pearly whites are going to be sparkling clean. Finally, schedule an appointment with your dentist for a check-up and teeth cleaning to keep your teeth looking their best.

How To Clean Under Baby’s Neck

Cleaning under a baby’s neck helps prevent rashes and yeast infections caused by spit-up and other debris accumulating in a baby’s neck folds. It is important to have the supplies to clean a baby’s neck at home and on the go. This two-step process will help ensure your baby’s neck stays clean and free of dirt, moisture, and other contaminants.

Supplies For Cleaning Baby’s Neck

A baby has no neck control during his or her first few weeks. This makes cleaning a baby’s neck folds a little tricky. The cleaning process is just as important as the cleaning supplies. Even after a baby’s neck muscles develop, you are going to need to know a few tricks to help make this process much easier. This short guide is going to help you clean your baby’s neck efficiently in two easy steps.

Baby Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are wonderful for a number of uses. They are great when you are on the go and do not have your other cleaning supplies on hand. Keep a pack of wet wipes handy so you are able to clean up a variety of messes, including your baby's neck while you are on the go. When shopping for wet wipes, make sure they are not scented as the perfumes used in baby wipes can be too harsh for your baby’s delicate skin.

Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, Unscented, 720 Count, Flip-Top Packs
  • 9 flip-top packs of 80 Unscented wipes
  • Pediatrician tested
  • Gently cleanses
  • Free from: Fragrances, alcohol, bronopol, dyes, parabens and phthalates
  • For use on face, hands and bottom

Baby Washcloth

A baby facecloth or washcloth can also be used to clean a baby’s neck. This washcloth is great for at-home use. A soft, absorbent, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic washcloth is best.

Bamboo Baby Washcloths - 2 Layer Soft Absorbent Bamboo Towel - Newborn Bath Face Towel - Natural Baby Wipes for Delicate Skin - Baby Registry as Shower(6 Pack)
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Baby Bath Soap

The soap you need for cleaning your baby’s neck is the same soap you would use when you give him or her a bath. A natural, paraben-free, hypoallergenic baby bath soap is best.

Baby Towel

A baby towel is necessary for drying your baby’s neck when done. Drying a baby’s neck thoroughly is especially important because any remaining moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast infections.

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How To Clean a Baby’s Neck

You do not have to be a baby whisperer to get this task completed. However, there are a few tricks of the trade that you need to know. Gather your supplies and follow the three-step process. The tricks and tips given below will help you quickly and easily clean under your baby's neck.

Step One: Clean Using Bath Soap & Washcloth

Place a small amount of lukewarm to warm water in your skin and add a small amount of baby bath soap to the water. Submerge and wring out a washcloth with the water. Then, gently wipe your baby’s neck, making sure you get in those folds.

As a baby’s neck develops, there are a couple of tricks you can try to ensure a baby’s cooperation. First, lay your baby flat on his or her stomach. Wipe your baby’s neck as you speak to him or her. You can also offer a special bath time toy to distract your baby while you are wiping down his or her neck.  Getting your baby’s attention in this position makes wiping neck folds much easier.

Step Two: Dry Baby’s Neck Using Towel

Dry your baby’s neck thoroughly using the baby bath towel. Hooded baby towels are a great option; however, unless you are bathing your baby, they can be too large. Gently pat your baby's neck dry, paying extra attention to your baby’s neck folds. After your baby's neck is dry, you are done!

Baby Wet Wipes On The Go

Use the unscented, alcohol-free baby wet wipes to clean your baby's neck on the go. Keep a small baby towel on hand for drying. Remember to be gentle, as a baby’s neck skin is even more delicate than many other areas of his or her body.

Final Thoughts

You do not need any special skills to properly clean your baby's neck. All you need are the correct supplies and know the best techniques to clean your baby's neck. Follow our easy-to-understand how-to guide to clean and dry your baby's neck in two simple steps.





How To Clean Limescale Under Toilet Rim

Hard, chalky limescale buildup under the toilet rim is unsightly. Limescale is insoluble calcium bicarbonate. People living in hard water areas have a more difficult time preventing limescale buildup on toilet rims and other plumbing fixtures. Thankfully, there are numerous products and techniques that you can use to remove the buildup in a few easy steps.

Toilet Seat Cleaning Supplies

There are a few different cleaning agents for you to choose from. Each of them works well, but they all have their pros and cons. Only a few other supplies are necessary to rid your toilet seat of that limescale buildup. You will have your toilet sparkling in just three easy steps.


Bleach is great for removing limescale buildup on the toilet rim. Bleach is a wonderful disinfect, and it is a wonderful cleaning agent for all of your other bathroom fixtures.

Clorox 764442854668 Liquid Bleach-121-Oz. Bottle-Case of 3, Original Version, 343 Ounce
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  • coli and listeria in addition to salmonella.
  • Meets FDA guidelines for sanitizing. . . .

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a natural cleaning solution that can help remove buildup and leave your toilet sparkling clean. If you decide to use vinegar, you will mix one part vinegar to one part water in an empty spray bottle.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar, 128 oz, Poly Bagged & Boxed
  • Heinz Distilled White Vinegar 1 Gallon Jug
  • Distilled white vinegar diluted with water to 5% (50 grains) acidity
  • Made from sun-ripened grain and crustal clear water
  • With its clean, crisp flavor, it's ideal for your favorite marinades, salads and recipes
  • 5 Calories per serving; 0 Fat;

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are only necessary if you choose to work with bleach. Bleach can be rough on your skin and lead to dry, cracked skin. The rubber gloves protect against this damage to your skin.  

Synthetic Nitrile Black Disposable Gloves Small -100 PK No Latex Medical Gloves
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  • SANITARY GLOVES: Ideal to keep yourself safe and sanitary, these premium disposable gloves are black, have beaded cuffs and are ambidextrous. They come 100 to a box, and are available in many sizes, from Extra Small to XX Large!

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another natural alternative cleaning solution. If you decide to incorporate lemon juice into your toilet cleaning strategy, you will use it instead of water to combine with the white vinegar for your solution.

Iberia 100% Real Lemon Juice, 32 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • 100% LEMON JUICE: Iberia 100% lemon juice makes it easy to add delicious lemon flavor to dipping sauces, marinades, or even sodas or juice without slicing and squeezing fresh lemons.
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  • SMOOTH TANGY TASTE: Iberia lemon juice has a sour and fluid consistency with a tangy flavor that blends well into a variety of dishes and drinks.
  • VERSATILE: Stir Iberia lemon juice to create delicious and fresh tasting salad dressings or use it to make a classic lemon meringue pie. Add a splash of Iberia 100% lemon juice to lemon drop martini, lemonade or iced tea and avoid all the mess-work.
  • A PANTRY STAPLE: Bulk supply of 3 x 32 oz bottles to keep your kitchen in good supply all the time.

Spray Bottle

An empty spray bottle is required to hold your cleaning solution of choice. When choosing a spray bottle opt for one with multiple spray settings. Additionally, if you can find a spray bottle with measurement lines, it can help you properly mix your cleaning solutions.

Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Spray Bottles USA Made 4-Pack 16 Oz Heavy Duty No Leak Empty Refillable Spray Bottle Mist Stream for Cleaning Solutions, Plant, Hair, Bleach, Vinegar, Alcohol Safe
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  • DURABLE BOTTLES- Our 16 ounce heavy duty impact resistance spray bottles are made from HDPE plastic, recycle code # 2. BPA Free Ergonomic neck gives you a comfortable grip Mouth opening is 5/8 inch wide making it easy to fill Bottle measures 8 inches high without the sprayer attached with sprayer attached the height is 10 1/4 inches and 2 1/2 inches wide at the bottom; They are dishwasher safe on the top rack
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  • HOUSEHOLD-COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL USES- Our multi purpose spray bottles have an excellent chemical compatibility. Use them for cleaning solutions, hair spray water bottle, plant misting, succulent, herbs, ironing, laundry, car detailing, janitorial. Make your own homemade pest repellent, diy cleaners or just use with water to cool yourself; They are bleach, vinegar and rubbing alcohol safe (please read the product description below for more information on chemical usage)

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone may be used for scrubbing underneath a toilet rim; however, you must be careful not to scratch the porcelain surface. It is not recommended to use a pumice stone on a new toilet. If your toilet has a lot of buildup or the method described below does not work, a pumice stone may be needed.

Opaz Pumice 2 pack Natural Earth Lava Stone Pedicure kit Tool Hard Skin Callus Remover for Feet and Hands
  • Natural volcanic stone - Natural way to scrub dead foot skin - Unique Egg shaped dry or wet care
  • Exfoliating power making skin removal easy keeping feet healthy with a few brushes daily
  • Ergonomic scrubber design for shower, bath or spa used - with handle for hanging salon style
  • Porous design used to brush or remove hair products from skin, file nail, body and set skin soft
  • Universal use for men or women, pedicure kit stone - callus remover scrub and buffer tool cracked

Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is going to be necessary to remove that limescale buildup. After allowing the cleaning solution to sit for about 30 minutes, you will use the toilet brush to eliminate that buildup.

AmazonCommercial Toilet Brush and Holder Set - 2-pack
  • 2-pack of heavy-duty bristle scrub brushes for cleaning toilet bowls
  • Easy, sanitary storage with included base caddy; keeps floors clean and dry
  • Keeps scrub brush discreetly hidden between uses within a tall, slim storage container
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Long comfort-grip, non-slip handle

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush can also be used if you want to get a little more hands-on when cleaning the toilet rim. You might have to get down there with some sandpaper at the end anyway, but that toilet rim is going to be spotless.

AmazonCommercial All Purpose Scrub Brush - 2-pack
  • 2-pack of heavy-duty scrub brushes for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, tile, and more
  • Firm polypropylene bristles stand up to sustained use
  • Efficiently cleans and breaks down dirt, grease and grime
  • Non-slip TPR long handle is easy to grip and apply scrubbing pressure
  • Hanging feature for convenient storage and drying


Sandpaper is another helpful tool that can be used on stubborn spots and tough limescale builldup. Sandpaper is a last resort but a helpful resource if any limescale still stands after the initial soaking and scrubbing.

Fandeli Assorted Grits (80,120,220), sandpaper sheets, multipurpose for furniture, wood, metal, "9x11", 25 sheet pack
  • Super heavy paper that works on all surfaces
  • High Quality Aluminum Oxide mineral
  • Longer Lasting
  • Less Clogging
  • Creates less waste

How To Remove Limescale Under Toilet Rim

Disinfecting the toilet weekly can help to prevent limescale buildup between deep cleanings. The longer you wait to take on this type of task, the harder it is going to be to remove the hard deposits. Thankfully, this quick guide is designed to give you the tools and the know-how you need to properly clean a toilet. You can clean and remove the limescale buildup under your toilet rim in just a few steps.

Step One: Flush Toilet & Spray Down Rim

First, you need to flush the toilet before you start cleaning. After flushing, use the spray bottle filled with your chosen cleaning solution to spray underneath the rim.

Allow the solution to sit for at least 30 minutes. This gives the cleaning agent enough time to break down hard limescale buildup. You want to be able to remove most, if not all, of the buildup on the first try.

Step Two: Scrub Toilet Rim Using Toilet Brush

The solution has been given ample time to soak the toilet rim, breaking down that hard limescale buildup. Using the toilet brush, start scrubbing underneath the rim. Put some elbow grease into it so that you get rid of those deposits.

Step Three: Flush Toilet & Check For Leftover Deposits

Once you are done scrubbing, flush the toilet and check for any leftover limescale deposits. If there is still any buildup present, use the sandpaper to scrub it away. After removing any excess limescale, you can flush the toilet once again. Remember to clean and disinfect your toilet weekly. You are done!

Final Thoughts

Staying on top of cleaning and disinfecting your toilet will keep your toilet looking good; however, deep cleaning under the toilet rim is necessary from time to time. Limescale and buildup can quickly buildup in the area. The hard water deposits must be soaked and scrubbed from the toilet.

How To Clean Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Riding around on a clogged mower can damage your turf as well as the machine itself. You want a manicured lawn, and you must take good care of your mower for it to operate efficiently. This step-by-step guide to cleaning under your riding lawnmower deck makes it easy.

Lawnmower Deck Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning regularly under the deck of your riding lawnmower helps protect the blades and prevent rust. Some of the supplies suggested are optional but make for a much easier task. Remember that safety is a priority when working on the underside of a riding mower deck. Gather the necessary supplies and get ready to complete this job in under 30 minutes.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are necessary for keeping your hands safe and clean during this task. A pair of heavy-duty, breathable garden gloves is recommended.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women and Men - M
  • Breathable Bamboo to Keep Your Hands Cool – Bamboo absorbs perspiration, is naturally very breathable. Keeps your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. Pine Tree Gloves are suitable for any job and guaranteed a pleasure to wear.
  • Fits Like A Second Skin - Do you take off your gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare hand sensitivity and are Touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smart phone or ipad without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • Comfortable and Durable Hand Protection - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walking around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit? See our listed size chart picture on the left to determine your correct size. Our gloves have proven abrasion resistance.
  • Please note: our gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • Pure Satisfaction or Money Back – Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!


Two buckets will be needed for this task. Use the first bucket to drain the gas from your mower. The second bucket will be used to hold your cleaning supplies.

Metal Pry Bar

A metal pry bar can be used to scrape away debris. This unconventional tool comes in handy for quite a few projects around the house.

GEARWRENCH Angled Tip Pry Bar, 12" - 82412
  • Improved leverage in medium-duty and heavy-duty automotive and industrial applications
  • Angled tip gives you increased leverage and access to confined areas
  • Black phosphate coating on the shaft to resist corrosion
  • Specially formulated acetate handle for greater resistance to cold temperatures and drops
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle provides a secure grip

Putty Knife

A putty knife may also be used to scrape away the debris under the riding lawnmower deck.

Amazon Basics 2" Flex Nylon Handle Putty Knife
  • Flexible blade: works well for spreading spackle and adhesive; made of taper-ground, mirror-polished carbon steel
  • Nylon handle: classic-style handle provides a sturdy hold and a professional look and feel
  • Reinforced strength: full-length tang secured to the handle with 2 heavy-duty rivets for added support
  • Durable construction: consists of 55% carbon steel and 45% nylon
  • Warranty: backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

Wire Brush

A wire brush is used to scrub off the leftover dirt that is under the mower deck. The pry bar or putty knife is going to do most of the work, but you want to double back and scrub using the wire brush.

Wire Brush Set,Heavy Duty Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Wire Scratch Brush for Cleaning Rust with 14" Long Curved Beechwood Handle,2 Pieces,Large
  • PRACTICAL: Remove rust and paint quickly with this wire welding brush set, Wire brushes are ideal for removing paint stains, rust, welding slag,solder,scale, Great for remove corrosion and more from parts, equipment, machinery and other surfaces. Also great for cleaning threads, grills or tile.
  • Ergonomic Long Curved & Durable hardwood Beech Wood handles with pre-drilled hole for hanging-Smooth finish nice naturally beech wood provides excellent hand feeling, Easy to Use.
  • Heavy duty steel bristles scratch brush set: solidly imbedded carbon steel bristles and stainless steel. Carbon steel brush(Black) for general rust, paint and slag removal, Stainless steel brush(Silver) for cleaning aluminum or stainless and Other hard surfaces
  • Perfect size: 14" Overall Length, the Bristle length is about 1", 3X19 Rows of bristles for excellent coverage. Fine Kraft paper packaging box
  • High quality- We are a professional brush manufacturer since 1992, MAXMAN Factory has specialized in creating finest quality Wire brush, paint brush, All kinds of brushes, It integrates product development, designing, production, sales trade and one of supplier of big hardware market in U.S.A.

Garden Hose

A garden hose is used to rinse the deck of your riding mower. Be sure that you have positioned your mower to where your garden hose can reach the mower before starting this cleaning task.

LOOHUU Expandable Garden Hose 100ft, Water Hose with 10 Function Nozzle, Lightweight Flexible Hose with 3/4 Inch Solid Brass Fittings and 3-Layer Latex Core
  • Extended design - Our hose can be extended from 33 feet to 100 feet. When the water is turned on, the hose will automatically expand to 3 times its original length under standard pressure, and shrinks to original hose length in minutes when it’s off. Lightweight and portable.
  • High Quality Hose - The water hose is made of high-density 3-layer latex core and extra strength 3750D fabric to prevent leakage and breakage. Each hose has undergone 2000 endurance tests, can withstand 3 -12 bar water pressure, and working temperature -4℉-122℉.
  • 10 Functional Hose Nozzles - Garden hose nozzle with 10 patterns for more choices. Ergonomic non-slip rubber handgrip for comfortable operation. Equipped with holder, easy to operate and store.
  • Solid 3/4 Inch Brass Connectors - Excellent corrosion resistance and antirust. Solid fittings and rubber washer prevent slipping, cracking and water leakage to the maximum. 3/4 inch connector fits typical American outdoor garden faucets.
  • Multiple Purposes and Perfect Gift - Suitable for multiple purposes, including house/car/yard washing, garden watering, pet cleaning, having fun or business use.This hose makes work and domestic chores easier than ever. Perfect gift for the family.

Pressure Washer

If you own a pressure washer, you can use it for this cleaning task instead of a garden hose. Whichever you choose, you want to be careful with water around your mower’s electrical components.

[Upgraded Version] Paxcess 3000PSI Electric Pressure Washer 2.5GPM Power Washer High Pressure Cleaner with 4 Nozzles Foam Cannon for Car, Home, Driveway, Patio
  • 3000 PSI High Pressure: The pressure washers could provide up to 3000 PSI with max 2.5 GPM water flow, which is great for removing deep-seated dirt, grease, peeling paint, and even graffiti from concrete, asphalt, siding, decks, lawn furniture, garbage cans, boats and trailers, and outdoor power equipment
  • Professional Safety: TSS system lets the power washers start up as soon as you squeeze the trigger and shut down as soon as you let go, you’ll never have to worry about pump damage from extended idling. It also has GFCI protection against the risk of electric shock and a lock button to prevent it from the spray gun being engaged accidentally
  • Multiple Clean Modes: This pressure cleaner has 4 quick-connect metal spray tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) to provide 4 different kinds of pressure strong water stream. The attached 16.9oz foam cannon could produce rich bubbles to wash your car. Freely select the high-pressure nozzle best suited to your task
  • Thoughtful Industrial Design: a 23lb light machine with 2 big wheels, 3 hooks for place 35ft power cord, 26ft pressure hose, and spray gun. You can effortlessly carry it anywhere and easily store all accessories after cleaning done in case lost
  • No-worried Sale Service: This car washer has a 12 months Warranty, provided 24hrs Sales Service and Professional Repair Service, which can make you shop without worry

Dish Soap

Dish soap is necessary to make your cleaning solution. Any dish soap will do, but Dawn is always recommended for important cleaning tasks.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap (4x19oz) + Non-Scratch Sponge (2ct), Original Scent (Packaging May Vary), Combo pack
  • 50 percent Less Scrubbing
  • Contains 3x Grease Cleaning Power (cleaning ingredients per drop vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated)
  • Our NEW More Powerful Formula helps you get through more dishes with less dishwashing liquid
  • Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent
  • Packaging & sponge shape will vary

How To Clean Riding Lawnmower Deck

Mowing in dry weather can help reduce clogs. Cleaning under your riding lawnmower can be completed in four easy steps.

Step One: Disengage Mower

First, the riding mower must be prepped for this cleaning task. With your garden gloves on, disengage the mower’s spark plug. This eliminates the chance of your mower accidentally starting while you are cleaning. Lastly, you want to you need to remove the fuel from your mower by either siphoning the gas, running the mower empty, or tipping the mower on its side and emptying the fuel into a bucket.

Step Two: Clear Caked on Debris

Spray down the underside of the lawnmower deck using the garden hose or pressure washer. Doing this wets that grass, making removal much easier. Next, take the pry bar or putty knife and start scraping. If it has been a while in between cleanings, you are likely to have encountered quite a lot of caked-on grass and other deposits.

Step Three: Wash Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Pour some dish soap and water into your bucket to create a cleaning solution. Apply the cleaning solution to the underside of the mower deck and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes.

After soaking, take the wire brush and scrub away the extra dirt that has yet to be removed. Next, using the garden hose or pressure washer, rinse the underside of the riding lawnmower deck. The deck of your mower is now clean and just needs to air dry for several minutes before you turn it back over.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning under the deck of your riding mower is an easy job. It can be completed in four easy steps. Keeping the deck of your riding mower clean will help you maintain a manicured lawn.

FAQ: Cleaning Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Cleaning under your riding lawnmower’s deck is easy when you follow our step-by-step instructions. The following are frequently asked questions that consumers often encounter when cleaning the deck of their riding mowers.

What can you do to prevent dirt and grass from sticking to the underside of a riding lawnmower deck?

Spray a non-stick vegetable oil or silicone lubricant on the underside of the deck. Alternatively, WD40 can be used. There are commercial deck coatings available as well.

Can you paint the underside of a riding lawnmower deck?

Yes, painting the underside of your riding mower’s deck helps to protect it from debris and prevent rust. Furthermore, it can help to increase the life span of your riding lawnmower.

How Often Should You Clean Under Riding Lawnmower Deck?

Experts recommend that you scrub under a riding lawnmower deck twice per season. Mowing when the grass is wet or forgetting to clear grass under the deck after each use can cause you to have to clean the deck more often.

Does Running Your Mower Full Throttle Help Prevent Buildup?

Yes, mowing at full throttle is always recommended. Doing so helps prevent glass clippings and other debris from sticking to the underside of the mower’s deck.

Can Skipping This Deck Cleaning Task Lead to Turf Diseases?

Yes, microorganisms responsible for spreading turf diseases now have a solid breeding ground if you fail to clean the underside of your riding mower’s deck.

How to Clean Vitamix Under the Blades

Vitamix blenders are great, but they can get messy. Blenders and their containers must be cleaned after each use since gunk can certainly build up under the blades. You must remove buildup before it becomes a problem. Thankfully, cleaning under the blades of your Vitamix blender can be done in a few steps along with the self-cleaning feature.

Vitamix Blade Cleaning Supplies

Only a few supplies are necessary to clean under the blades of your Vitamix blender. Rust can also accumulate on the blades. If you notice any rust, extra supplies and steps are used to remove the rust. Some Vitamix blender models feature components that are dishwasher safe but placing your blender and its blades in a dishwasher is never recommended.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is used in the blender container for the self-cleaning cycle. The self-cleaning cycle alone is not going to clean under the blades of your blender, but it will clean your blender container.

Dawn Dish Soap Platinum Dishwashing Liquid + Non-Scratch Sponges for Dishes, Refreshing Rain Scent, Includes 3x24oz + 2 Sponges (Packaging May Vary)
  • Contains 4X MORE Grease Cleaning Power (cleaning ingredients per drop vs. non-ultra Dawn)
  • Powers away 48-hour, stuck-on food in seconds
  • The Dawn Non-Scratch Premium Scrubber won’t scratch your non-stick cookware and sensitive surfaces
  • Cleansing Refreshing Rain scent
  • Packaging & sponge shape will vary

Blade Scraper

There are blade scrapers available that are specifically designed to clean under Vitamix blender blades. This area of a Vitamix blender is not easy to reach, but the blade scraper makes this task much easier.

Vitamix Blade Scraper Accessory, Grey
  • The Under Blade Scraper allows you to get the most out of every recipe by reaching hard to access points in your container, like under the blade. Designed for use with all Vitamin containers.
  • Material Type: Nylon
  • The length of the package is 14.75 inches
  • The width of the package is 10.75 inches

Wire Brush

A wire brush can also be used to clean the blades of a Vitamix blender. If you do not have a wire brush, you can use a toothbrush.

[Wire Brush Set for Cleaning] 4-Pack Multi Purpose Beechwood Handle Medium & Small, Metal: Brass & Stainless Steel Wire Scratch Brush for Rust, Paint, Welding, Heavy & Light Household Cleaning
  • [Different sizes for all situations]: The medium-sized wire brushes for cleaning are perfect for large surfaces while the small brushes help you get into those annoying tight spaces. This set is perfect for you if you need to clean all sorts of places.
  • [Steel and Brass--for all situations]: If you are looking for wire brushes for cleaning that covers all your needs, your search ends here! Stainless steel is optimal for wet surfaces and more aggressive cleaning while brass is used on more delicate surfaces and for light-duty cleaning. Rusts, paints, stains, metals, machineries, welding slag--this set cleans it all! (Refer to image 5 for a more comprehensive guide).
  • [An aesthetically pleasing set of tools you want to keep]: In addition to our beautifully finished handles, the brushes comes with a gratifying package to keep the brushes. If not, our brushes also come with hang-up holes to keep your lovely living space tidy.
  • [A tool set curated for your comfort]: The high quality European Beechwood handle is carved into the right size and is curved ergonomically to fit the shape of your hands. The smoothened chamferred edges make gripping our brushes a comfort. Strenuous work can be made more bearable with the correct tools.
  • [A tool set designed to last]: Our wooden handles and bristles are made with high-quality wood, stainless-steel, and brass. Worry not about the bristles falling off or the wooden handles breaking as they were designed to stay with you for a long time.

Baking Soda

If you notice any rust on the blades, make a bast of baking soda and water. Use your toothbrush or wire brush to scrub away the rust.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Value Size 4 Lb (Pack of 2)
  • 2 boxes Value Size 4 lb each total 8 lb = 128 oz total
  • America's no 1 trusted baking soda brand
  • The standard of purity
  • Hundreds of uses

White Vinegar

If you notice any foul odors, clean your Vitamix blender with white vinegar during the self-cleaning cycle. Rinse the vinegar out and then run another self-cleaning cycle with dish soap.

AVO 1 Gallon (128 oz) Pure Natural Distilled White Vinegar - 5% Acidity For Cooking and Cleaning Purposes
  • WHY DO CUSTOMERS LOVE THE AVO VINEGAR? It’s simple. AVO has been a market leader for two decades providing Retail, Foodservice and B2B customers with vegetable oils and vinegars that are produced with the highest USA food grade quality standards. AVO’s white distilled vinegar is NON-Toxic, chemical free and contains no potentially cancer-causing additives. Our White Vinegar is packaged in 1 gallon bottle and has 5% acidity. Our vinegar raw material supply chain is fully traceable.
  • COOKING AND CLEANING – AVO’s multipurpose 5% vinegar is the perfect choice for your cooking and cleaning tasks. Cooking use: Baking, general cooking, marinades, tenderizing, sauces, salads, dressings, canned food, Asian/ethnic cuisines. AVO’s 5% vinegar is a premium cleaning solution that is safe and natural. Mix with baking soda for added strength.
  • BUY WITH PURPOSE – ENVIRONMENT: Besides producing healthy vegetable oils & vinegars, AVO is committed to make continuous improvements by reducing the environmental impact of our products & facilities. Our dedication goes beyond compliance with the law and includes environmental practices into our business decisions. CHARITABLE PRODUCT: AVO’s community commitment: a portion of your purchase helps us make donations on a monthly basis to families in need and people without a home in our community.
  • MADE IN USA: Because we understand that 80% of American shoppers say they prefer to buy goods made in the United States - by CR (Consumer Reports); AVO’s vinegar is proudly produced, packaged, and inspected here in the USA. We support made in USA products.
  • BUY NOW RISK FREE - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are super confident you will love all of our Vinegar. However, if for any reason you're not absolutely thrilled, just let us know and we will give you a full refund - no questions asked! Our mission is to provide a risk-free experience.


You may also use bleach during the cleaning cycle if any foul odors are present. Afterward, run another cleaning cycle using dish soap.

Clorox Concentrated Splash-Less Bleach, Clean Linen Scent, 40 Ounces, Pack of Two (80 Ounces Total)
  • SPLASH-LESS CLEAN: Concentrated, scented, splash-less bleach bleach in a thicker formula delivers a more controlled pour with less spills and splashes so you can get some serious cleaning done; Package may vary
  • CONCENTRATED BLEACH: Concentrated laundry bleach delivers more cleaning power per drop with a 33% more compact dose reducing the amount of bleach required for cleaning (compared to previous Clorox Splash-less Bleach)
  • EASIER TO POUR: More concentrated bleach with the same trusted Clorox clean in a smaller bottle making it easier to handle easier to pour and easier to use in HE machines with smaller dispensers
  • STAIN REMOVER: Whitens, brightens, deodorizes and provides 10X deep cleaning benefits while fighting tough stains on white clothes or use it as a cleaning bleach for cleaning hard non-porous household surfaces
  • AMERICA’S #1 BLEACH*: This laundry bleach with long-lasting fragrance is perfect for everyday cleaning and safe for use in standard or HE washers, so you can keep whites at their whitest and your home smelling fresh; *Based on IRI MULO unit sales 52 weeks ending 12/29/19

How To Clean Under Vitamix Blender Blades

Vitamix blenders are known for their powerful performance and self-cleaning function. Different foods, like nut butters, can stick to the blades. Luckily, you can clean under your Vitamix blender blades in three easy steps.

Step One: Clean the Blades Using a Scraper or Brush

If you have purchased the blade scraper specifically designed for Vitamix blenders, the first step will be easy. Simply follow the provided instructions and clean the blade using the scraper.

If rust is present, you need to make a baking soda and water paste. Apply the paste to the end of your wire brush or a toothbrush and clean the top and bottom of each blade.

Step Two: The Self-Cleaning Cycle

The self-cleaning cycle makes cleaning your blender easy. If no foul odors are present, add a teaspoon of dish soap to the blender container and start the cycle.

If you noticed foul odors or simply want to deep clean your blender, it is time to break out the bleachor white vinegar. When opting to use bleach, add 1.5 teaspoons and 34 ounces of water to the blender container. For white vinegar, use two parts warm water and one part vinegar. After the self-cleaning cycle is completed, you must repeat the process with dish soap.

Step Three: Rinse and Dry Blender Container

Rinse the blender container with warm water. Dry the blender with a hand towel and place it back on its pedestal.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to wipe off the base of the blender and the counter underneath the blender, too. Unfortunately, there are no preventative measures that can be taken to prevent food from sticking to the bottom of your blades. Routine cleaning is required.

FAQ: Cleaning Under Vitamix Blender Blades

The self-cleaning feature for Vitamix blenders is a major plus, but you must still perform extra maintenance and cleaning required from time to time. Here are the most frequently asked questions concerning cleaning Vitamix blenders.

How do you get rid of turmeric stains?

Turmeric is often used in recipes, but unfortunately, it can leave a dingy yellow tint on your blender container. Place your blender container out in the full sun for a day, and watch those turmeric stains disappear.

Can Vitamix blender blades be removed?

Yes, after removing the silver retainer nut from the bottom of the blender container, the blades can be removed. While it is possible to remove the blades, it is recommended to use the self-cleaning feature and the steps described above to clean your blender blades before attempting to remove them.

What foods should never be put in a Vitamix blender?

Hot liquids should never be placed in a blender. Not only can hot liquids warp the blades and possibly overheat the motor, but as pressure builds up, those liquids can explode all over the kitchen.

There are several foods that do not do well in a blender including potatoes, ice cubes, dried fruit, whole spices, coffee beans, super-frozen foods, and whole nuts. Be careful making that nut butter, too!

Why does my Vitamix blender keep getting stuck?

Blenders get stuck for a variety of reasons, so it is important to know the following tips and tricks. Cut the food items before you place them in the blender container. Place ingredients from lightest to heaviest in the blender and be sure to tamp the blender container down if blending heavier foods.

Can Vitamix blender blades break?

While Vitamix blender blades are unlikely to break, it can happen. Fully frozen fruits have been known to crack blades. Even if the frozen fruit does not crack a blade, it can make for a lumpy smoothie.

How To Clean Mold Under Vinyl Flooring

Mold and mildew under vinyl flooring is a health concern. Mold needs to be identified, and if a problem persists or it has spread to the floorboards, you need to contact a mold remediation specialist. Cleaning up mold can be completed in a few easy steps, but the steps need to be followed meticulously.

Mold Cleaning Supplies

Mold spreads easily and reproduces when moisture is present. Mold under flooring poses a risk to the structure itself and the individuals living within a home. Gather your mold cleaning supplies and get ready to eliminate the mold under your linoleum flooring in three easy steps.


Bleach is recommended when dealing with mold, especially black mold. Other cleaning agents can work, but you want to eliminate the threat from under your flooring completely.

Clorox Concentrated Splash-Less Bleach, Clean Linen Scent, 40 Ounces, Pack of Two (80 Ounces Total)
  • SPLASH-LESS CLEAN: Concentrated, scented, splash-less bleach bleach in a thicker formula delivers a more controlled pour with less spills and splashes so you can get some serious cleaning done; Package may vary
  • CONCENTRATED BLEACH: Concentrated laundry bleach delivers more cleaning power per drop with a 33% more compact dose reducing the amount of bleach required for cleaning (compared to previous Clorox Splash-less Bleach)
  • EASIER TO POUR: More concentrated bleach with the same trusted Clorox clean in a smaller bottle making it easier to handle easier to pour and easier to use in HE machines with smaller dispensers
  • STAIN REMOVER: Whitens, brightens, deodorizes and provides 10X deep cleaning benefits while fighting tough stains on white clothes or use it as a cleaning bleach for cleaning hard non-porous household surfaces
  • AMERICA’S #1 BLEACH*: This laundry bleach with long-lasting fragrance is perfect for everyday cleaning and safe for use in standard or HE washers, so you can keep whites at their whitest and your home smelling fresh; *Based on IRI MULO unit sales 52 weeks ending 12/29/19

Spray Bottle

The empty spray bottle is used for the bleach and water cleaning solution. Use one part bleach to four parts water.

Uineko Plastic Spray Bottle (4 Pack, 24 Oz, All-Purpose) Heavy Duty Spraying Bottles Leak Proof Mist Empty Water Bottle for Cleaning Solution Planting Pet with Adjustable Nozzle and Measurements
  • 【ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE】 From a fine mist to a solid stream, the sprayer can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Be prepared to tackle any job with a simple twist of the nozzle! Avoid waste with our extra-long tube that'll spray every last drop out!
  • 【CHEMICAL RESISTANT】 The heavy duty 24 oz (about 700 ml) sprayer bottle is chemically resistant to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents. On the side of each bottle is a checklist to stay organized and remain informed as to what the bottle contains. (Also comes with labels to meet your need)
  • 【UPGRADED SPRAY HEAD & LEAK PROOF】 Our sprayer features a long lasting polypropylene spray head, tight and secure cap closure, internal cap gasket, 302 stainless steel spring and a precision valve and piston, for a no clog and no leak experience; A proven and reliable no leak venting system primes quickly and stays primed.
  • 【HOUSEHOLD-COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL USES】 Our spray bottles for multi purpose uses. Use them for cleaning solutions around the house, pet, cat, lawn and garden, misting and watering plants, succulents, herbs, ironing, laundry, car detailing, janitorial. Make your own homemade diy cleaner mister or just use with water to cool yourself.
  • 【BETTER TRIGGER DESIGN】 The unique design 4-finger trigger makes your fingers rest easily on it and the bottle fit comfortably in your hand, eliminating hand fatigue; Adjustable red nozzle turns easily letting you switch from mist, stream or to off; Pull trigger has a short effortless squeeze reducing finger fatigue.

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is necessary for scrubbing and cleaning the flooring surface. Ideally, use a scrub brush with a long handle so you are not near the floor when cleaning. You will be wearing protective gear, but a long-handled scrub brush is still a good idea.

loteaf Floor Scrub Brush with Long Handle, Stiff Bristle Deck Brush Scrubber with Squeegee for Cleaning Deck, Tile, Bathroom, Tub, Grout, Garages, Swimming Pool, Patio
  • High Quality Material: This push broom is made of PP material brush head and stainless steel pole. Stiff bristles brush help you remove stubborn stains and heavy dirt from rough surface. The brush is suitable for dry or wet cleaning, wall, kitchen, bathroom, garage, sidewalk, stadium, patio floor.
  • Easy Assemble and Adjustable Handle: Shower scrubber brush comes with 3 adjustable poles, can adjust handle length from 15’’ to 45’’ to suit any user. Use this scrub brush without bending down yourself while cleaning.
  • Scrub Brush with Squeegee Design: The stiff bristle scrubber brush head come with natural rubber squeegee edge helps you to wipe away liquid spills on the tile concrete or any hardwood surface such as patio decks or interior flooring.
  • Multi Occasion Use: The floor brush is designed at a 45 degree labor-saving angle. Wet or dry applied. The floor scrub brush can be used for hard floor, tiles, bathtub, swimming pool, kitchen, carpet, balcony deck, patio, garage, sidewalk, stadium, and other outdoor occasions.
  • Free Return: Contact us if you have any issues and we proudly offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can return it for repair, replacement or fully refund.

Rubber Gloves

Waterproof gloves help protect your hands when working with bleach and around the mold.

Uxglove Chemical Resistant Latex Gloves,Cleaning Protective Safety Work Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves,12.6",Black 1 Pair Size Large
  • Our Uxglove are made of Natural latex, the material has excellent elasticity and durablity.
  • Vulcanization processing makes the surface of gloves smoothly, it's not easy to stick together
  • Unique hand design improves comfort, Unique palm texture design to prevent slippery effectively, excellent grip
  • Gloves are smooth and elastic, easy to put on and off, there is no uncomfortable feeling even if worn for a long time
  • Ideal for automotive,Furniture Renovation,Chemical Industry,Car Washing,Mechanical Maintenance,Yard Work,etc

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are required for this task. Mold easily spreads, and although you will be taking precautionary measures, safety gear is necessary.

Amazon Basics Anti-Scratch Safety Glasses Eye Protection, UV-Resistant, Clear Mirror Lens, 3-Count
  • 3-pack of safety glasses provides on-the-job eye protection for enhanced safety and efficiency
  • Anti-scratch, UV-resistant polycarbonate clear lenses; mirror coating for reduced glare in bright sunshine
  • Durable, yet lightweight black frame for a comfortable fit; sleek, sporty appearance
  • For both women and men; suitable for indoor/outdoor use; ideal for manufacturing, construction, and other industries
  • Measures 6.5 x 6.25 x 1.8 inches (LxWxH); backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

N95 Mask

It is also important to wear an N95 face mask to prevent breathing in harmful mold spores.

25 Pack KN95 Face Mask, Filter Efficiency≥95%, WWDOLL 5-Ply Mask Protection Against PM2.5, Fire Smoke, Breathable Mask for Women and Men Black
  • 【5-Layer Face Mask】WWDOLL 5-ply KN95 face mask is protective and high filter efficiency. The outermost 1 layer non-woven fabric can filter large particles, middle 2-layer melt-blown fabric can block more than 95% particles, 1 layer hot air cotton can filter pm2.5 and the innermost 1 layer non-woven fabric is skin-friendly and softer that give you the comfortable usage experience at the same time it protects your breath with high filter efficiency.
  • 【3D Design】The 3D shape of KN95 mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to fit the human face, to increase the breathing volume when use the face mask. Our WWDOLL breathable face mask KN95 can greatly improve the permeability, and to make wearing and exhaling more comfortable
  • 【3D Design】The 3D shape of KN95 mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to fit the human face, to increase the breathing volume when use the face mask. Our WWDOLL breathable face mask KN95 can greatly improve the permeability, and to make wearing and exhaling more comfortable.
  • 【Qualified Manufacture】 Chengde Technology Co. KN95 face mask made in China(not is USA)
  • 【Disclaimer】This KN95 mask is NOT an N95 mask. For more information about KN95 masks please see the following before you purchase:


Towels are used to help dry the floor after scrubbing and cleaning.

Utopia Towels Medium Cotton Towels, White, 24 x 48 Inches Towels for Pool, Spa, and Gym Lightweight and Highly Absorbent Quick Drying Towels, (Pack of 6)
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners, and iron as it may damage its quality; always wash the towels separately to minimize lint
  • Set includes six identical cotton pool/gym/bath towels in White measuring 24 by 48 inches
  • These quick dry towels are perfect for you to take it to the gym, beach, pool or other endless places
  • Perfect to wrap around your hair or to dry your body
  • Woven with 100% ring spun cotton

Blower Fan

A blower fan may also be used to dry the floor. Any fan would work, but a blower fan is much more efficient.

K Tool International 800 CFM Air Mover Floor Blower with Built In Power Outlets 1/4 HP 2 Speed Settings 10 Foot Cord Length KTI77703
  • [MULTIPLE SPEEDS/POSITIONS] - 3 speeds with 3-position adjustment for centralized airflow and quick drying
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT] - At onl 9 lbs this floor blower is lightweight enough for easy movement in and around your home, office and warehouse for fast and effcient drying
  • [ENERGY EFFICIENT] - 1/4 Horse Power energy efficient motor provides peace of mind that consistent use will not run up your energy bill
  • [TILT FEATURE] - Direct air flow where it is needed with 0°, 45° and 90° angled feature
  • [POWER OUTLETS] - 2 extra power outlets on this floor blower provide multi functional use for another unit or even charge your cell phone

Cleaning Up Mold Under Vinyl Flooring

You must clean your gear when this project is complete to prevent mold spores from spreading. Thankfully, cleaning up mold is more of a meticulous process than a difficult one. Follow these four easy steps to clean mold under your vinyl flooring.

Step One: Spray Affected Area

Using the spray bottle containing the bleach and water cleaning solution, spray down the affected area. Allow the cleaning solution to sit for about 10 minutes. This will give the bleach a chance to break down and kill the mold.

SYINE Large Disposable Coverall Suit with Hood, Elastic Cuff For Dry Particulates and Fluid Protection,5 Packs
  • ▷BREATHABLE-Made of high quality no-woven laminated materials.It is a breathable material that helps reduce heat build-up and promote comfortable wear.
  • ▷LIGHTWEIGHT-Lightweigt&elastic design make you easy to work,and never limit your movement.
  • ▷ABSOLUTE PROTECTION- High density materials of coverall fabric offers an inherent barrier to small size particles,include dry particulates and fluid.Anti-static coating on both sides helps reduce static build-up and prevent the risk of static discharge during use.
  • ▷MUTI-PURPOSE USE-It is a versatile garment for a range of jobs including paint spraying, mold treatment, lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, and general cleanup work etc.Not for chemical resistant.
  • ▷ITEM INCLUDED-Pack of 5 coveralls.Foot cover not included.

Step Two: Clean Using Scrub Brush

Spray some of the bleach and water solution directly on the scrub brush.  Then, use the floor scrub brush to clean the affected area. Repeat this process until your entire floor has been scrubbed and the mold has been removed.

Step Three: Dry Flooring Surface Area

Once you have killed the mold, the floor must be dried. Since moisture helps facilitate mold growth, it is essential to dry your floor thoroughly, using your cleaning towels. Alternatively, you can plug in a blower fan to dry your floor or use a combination of both strategies.

Step Four: Clean Gear Thoroughly

After working with mold, it is important to clean the gear used for the task. Place the towels into the washing machine immediately and wash on the hottest setting. Use the bleach and water solution to clean the safety glasses, rubber gloves, and scrub brush. The N95 mask can be cleaned, or you can opt to throw it away if you have extra masks available.

Final Thoughts

Discovering mold in your home is never welcome news. Finding mold under linoleum flooring certainly presents its unique challenges, but you can clean mold under vinyl flooring in four easy steps. Always take your time and follow safety practices to prevent the spread of mold spores.

FAQ: Cleaning Up Mold Under Linoleum Flooring

Mold is a touchy subject with homeowners. People know the risks, but mold growth is often out of sight and out of mind. Taking steps towards mold prevention, however, can help to minimize the amount of mold removal cleaning tasks you have to perform. Look at these FAQs geared toward mold prevention.

 What are some tips for preventing mold under linoleum flooring and in the household?

Keep an eye out for the humidity level in your household. Make sure all rooms are well-ventilated, too. Use anti-microbial wipes on any areas that are frequently damp. Additionally, pay attention to corners and crevices.

Can mold grow on the concrete underneath the vinyl flooring in my house?

Yes, mold can grow on the concrete underneath vinyl flooring, especially if the concrete has cracked.

Is Mold Under Vinyl Flooring Dangerous?

Mold under vinyl flooring can be dangerous, especially if mold spores start to spread throughout your home. Not only can mold cause physical damage to your home’s structure, but it can pose serious health consequences to you and your family.

What are some signs that mold is present underneath linoleum flooring?

Mold creates a musty smell that is unique and identifiable. Water stains are also a cautionary sign. If you suspect mold underneath your linoleum flooring, lift the flooring material and inspect the area. Different types of molds show up in different colors on various surfaces. On wood, look for green and/or greenish/grey residue.

If mold is heavily present on the subfloor, should you replace the boards?

Mold can damage the wood underneath linoleum flooring, causing it to warp, rot, etc. If the mold issue within your home is out of hand, contact a mold remediation specialist. They will assess the situation and provide additional direction.

How To Clean the Fan on a PS4

Dust accumulates overtime on the ducted fan inside a PS4. The ducted fan is the game console’s cooling system. An extra noisy fan is a tell-tale sign the fan needs a good cleaning. A dirty fan causes the PlayStation to work harder and can lead to a system malfunction. You can clean the fan on your PS4 in four easy steps.

PS4 Fan Cleaning Supplies

Only minor disassembly is required. Once cleaning is complete, the ducted fan inside your PS4 will run optimally. You will need the following supplies to clean your PS4.

TR9 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver

A TR9 Torx Security Bit screwdriver is required if you own a PS4 system released in 2013.

oGoDeal Triwing Screwdriver Set for Nintendo Switch T6 T8 T9 T10 Torx Security Screwdriver for PS5,PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox one,Switch Lite, Joycon,Wii,N64 Console & Controller Cleaning Repair Tool Kit
  • 【Convenient Design】our nintendo screwdriver set has 11 different alloy S2 steel bits to meet you all kinds demand.There is Torx security T6H,T8H,T9H,T10H,PH1.5,PH2.0,Y00,Y2.5,G3.8 mm,G4.5mm;And other pry and opening tool as supdger ,ESD Tweezer, Triangle Paddle, Plastic Pry Opener, Cleaning Brush, Suction Cup to help repair and install easily.
  • ✔ 【Meet your needs】: The latest high-quality precision tri-wing screwdriver set meet all your maintenance needs for all kinds of game player and game console devices such as Nintendo, Xbox, Xbox one, Ps4, Ps3.
  • ✔ 【High quality】: Each bit made of S2 steel (more durable than CR-V steel), high hardness,anti-rust function,it can be used for a long time in the correct operating mode.
  • ✔ 【Reasonable design】:The handle head is strongly magnetic and so that all bits are magnetic, can easy suck up the little screws, effectively prevents the screw from sliding; non-slip design handle and a 360-degree rotatable cap, which is ergonomic and easy to use.
  • ✔ 【Excellent Service】: We treat every customer sincerely and provide good after-sales service.We support a 30-day unconditional return and refund. If you are not satisfied with our repair tools, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service.

Compressed Air

Compressed air is used to blow the dust out of your PlayStation 4.

Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Compressed Gas Duster 10 oz (4 Pack) [New Improved Version]
  • Removes dust, lint and other contaminants from hard-to-reach areas
  • Ideal for cleaning CPUs, keyboards, Computer mice and workstations
  • Great for cleaning items around the home, including collectibles, figurines and window blinds
  • Delivers pure moisture-free blasts
  • Contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse


A flashlight is necessary to help you see inside the PS4 while you are cleaning out the dust.

LED Tactical Flashlight, BINWO Super Bright High Lumen XML T6 LED Flashlights Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch Light Zoomable Flashlight with 5 Light Modes, 2 Pack
  • 【SUPER BRIGHT & LONG-LASTING】 BINWO S2000 high Lumen flashlight LED Bulb provides bright light, powerful Lumen LED generates a brilliant large area floodlight or a perfectly focused spotlight over a beam distance of 656ft/200m. Intense Spotlight for long-range observation. Super bright high performance LED flashlight with high quality of 50,000 hours working life(Batteries not included).
  • 【ZOOMABLE FLASHLIGHT & ADJUSTABLE FOCUS】 Our flashlights utilize the latest durable CREE XML T6 LED chip, provides super bright light beam. This high-quality CREE LED Torch supports distance with easy-controlled head-pulling zoom and easy mode-switch by light taps of a button. You can adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus and get spot beam and flood beams you need. Super bright zoomable focus perfect for distant observation and wide range illumination.
  • 【5 LIGHT MODES CAN BE EASILY CONVERTED】 BINWO LED flashlight S2000 supports five switchable modes, High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS. A full-press to switch on and off and a half-press to cycle through lighting modes (a rapid off-on press also cycles lighting modes). Convenient for your use.
  • 【SUPER DURABLE】 The body of this flashlight is built of high-quality aluminum alloy. Sturdy and durable enough for long time daily using. This flashlight skid-proof, abrasion resistance and ordinary waterproof design for a better experience. Waterproof by IPX-5, suitable for the outdoor environment and adverse weather conditions.
  • 【PORTABLE MINI SIZE】BINWO LED flashlight is portable mini size, Length: 5.39in, Diameter: 1.37; Weight 185g, fits well in your hand or pocket. Compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go. Skid-proof design & water-resistant for multiple outdoor uses in adverse weather conditions. Push-button tail switch for easy one-handed operation, feel more comfortable and safe.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs may also be used to help clean the dust off of the PS4 cooling fan. 

6’’ Long Cotton Swabs 2200pcs for Makeup, Gun Cleaning or Pets Care
  • [Non-sterile] :Not for medical use
  • [Overall Length]: 6'' extra long wood stem
  • [More sturdy handle]: This cotton swabs have stronger organic stick
  • [More lint]: Compacted cotton tip with more lint than regular long swabs
  • [Multipurpose]: Accessory for gun cleaning, jewelry, ceramics, electronics, fabric decoration, arts and crafts, cats and dogs or other pets

Small Cleaning Brush

The dust on a PS4 fan is sometimes caked on and difficult to reach. A small cleaning brush can reach those areas and remove dust that the compressed air or cotton swabs were unable to address.

Hiware Drinking Straw Cleaner Brush Kit - (3-Size) 9-Piece Extra Long Pipe Cleaners, Straw Cleaning Brush for Tumbler, Sippy Cup, Bottle and Tube
  • MULTIPLE SIZE – With this set of 9 straws you will get a straw with a diameter of 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm, and nylon bristle length of 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches. Great for clean your straws on Tumbler, Sippy Cup, Baby Bottles, Tervis, CamelBak, Hydroflasks, Yeti, Starbucks Cup and others.
  • EASY TO USE – Simply insert it into the pipe, rotate it, remove and wash it. With the long, soft but durable bristles, it can be used to clean each size of pipe you have and does not scratch the inside of straws. Moreover, it doesn’t leave a lot of fuzz behind in the pipe like Chenille pipe cleaners do which you need to take the trouble to get rid of it.
  • DURABILITY & MULTIFUNCTIONAL – Use our durable straw brush that is very flexible but will not break easily which is much stronger than some inferior and fragile straw brushes. Meanwhile, this brush also can be used to clean Pipe, Narrow Tube, Hookah, Coffee Pot, Sink Drain, Hummingbird Feeder, Weed Smoking Bong and other hard to access corners.
  • HOW IT’S MADE – These straw cleaning brushes are made of food grade stainless steel, while bringing you durability and versatility. The bristles are made of nylon which is both resistant, and easy to clean. Get around any surface or maneuver any depth.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – These pipe cleaners are easy to clean after use since they can easily throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher, and this won't affect the brushes' effectiveness and functionality.


A knife is used to remove the stickers from the rear screws of your PS4.

Mercer Culinary Genesis 5-Inch Utility Knife
  • Santoprene handle for comfort and safe grip, NSF certified
  • High carbon forged steel from Soligen, Germany. Stain-resistant x50 Cr Mo V15 resists rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Full tang that runs the entire length of the handle for superior balance.
  • Taper-ground edge allows for added stability, easy honing, long lasting sharpness, and increased efficiency when cutting and chopping
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care

Cleaning The Fan Inside Your PS4

A noisy, inefficient PS4 cooling fan is not ideal and can contribute to a compromised system. Luckily, cleaning the fan inside your PS4 is quite simple. Follow these four steps to clean your PS4’s ducted cooling fan.

Step One: Turn Off PS4 And Unplug Power Cables

This first step is all about safety. Power down the PS4, ensuring all lights are turned off. Remove the main power cord, HDMI cable, and any connected USB devices or other cables/devices.

Step Two: Remove Screws

If you have an original PS4 that was released in 2013, you will need the TR9 Torx Security Bit screwdriver. Before removing the screws, you will need to remove the stickers that are located on top of each screw.

Use the knife to peel back the stickers, and then use the TR9 Torx Security Bit screwdriver to remove the screws. Once the screws have been removed, the plastic cover pops right off.  

No extra tools are needed for the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. For these PlayStations, place the gaming system horizontally, right side up, and facing away from you. Then, pull up on the top plastic cover of the console to expose the fan.

Step Three: Clean Fan Using Compressed Air and Other Supplies

Use compressed air to clean the dust off the PS4 fan. Spray at different angles to help remove all traces of dust from the fan. If necessary, use the cotton swabs and/or a small cleaning brush to remove caked-on dust. If using the cotton swabs and/or a brush, double back and use the compressed air once more to blow the loosened dust off the fan and out of the console.

Step Four: Quick Reassembly

Reassemble your PS4 by positioning the plastic cover back in place. If you have an original PS4, use the TR9 Torx Security Bit screwdriver to reattach the screws to the gaming system.

For the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, the plastic cover simply needs to be popped back in place.

Final Thoughts

Dust builds up inside a PS4, causing the ducted fan to operate inefficiently. Overload the cooling fan, and you have a problem on your hands. Cleaning the fan on your PS4 promotes the efficiency and longevity of your gaming system.

FAQ: Cleaning PS4 Fan

Wiping down the unit’s exterior regularly with a dry cloth helps keep the dust away, prevents an abundance of issues related to a dirty fan, and extends the longevity of your PS4.

Why is the fan inside my PS4 so loud?

The fan inside your PS4 must work harder as dust accumulates on its blades. Spinning faster than usual, the fan makes a louder noise.

What are some other tips for keeping my PS4 from overheating?

Maintaining your PS4 in a horizontal vs vertical position is ideal. There are also PS4 wall mounts and dust covers available to help protect the unit.

HumanCentric PS4 Mount (Black) | Mount on The Wall or on The Back of The TV | Patent Pending
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you bought your PS4 in 2016 or later, this mount will NOT fit. This only fits the PS4 Original (the console sold from 2013 to mid 2016) and does not fit the PS4 Slim (console sold from mid 2016 to Present) or PS4 Pro. Compare the images in the second product photo to your console to make sure you have the right one.
  • CUSTOM MOUNT FOR PS4: Hide your cables and declutter your gaming area with our custom mount for the PS4 (original) that protects your device from accidental spills and scratches
  • MOUNT ON THE WALL OR THE BACK OF THE TV: Mount your PS4 (original) on the wall with included drywall anchors and screws, or use the four hole VESA pattern and included VESA screws to mount your PS4 (original) on the back of the TV
  • DESIGNED TO PROTECT AND COOL YOUR PS4: The minimalist design of the mount allows for proper airflow with vent openings, and the mount is made of sturdy steel with a powder-coat finish to ensure the mount never rusts or chips
  • EASY INSTALLATION: You’ll be able to install this wall mount quickly and easily - includes dry wall screws, anchors, and VESA screws. After installing the bracket, simply slide the PS4 device into the bracket!
eXtremeRate Black Horizontal Dust Cover for PS4 Pro Console, Soft Neat Lining Dust Guard for PS4 Pro Console, Anti Scratch Waterproof Cover Protector Sleeve for Playstation 4 Pro Console
  • Compatible Model: For PlayStation 4 Pro console, NOT fits for other consoles
  • Premium Materials: High-grade polyester (hand washable and ironable), waterproof and dustproof
  • Soft Internal Design: The inside of cover feature a soft interior lining which can protect your investment from scratches
  • Cutting Precision: Precision cut easy access cable port without having to remove back cables. Easy to place and remove
  • Very Important: Please remove the cover when the console power on to avoid overheating

Should you use rest mode to cool your PS4?

Yes, rest mode is helpful when cooling down your PS4. With the system no longer in use, rest mode keeps the fan running until the system has cooled down completely. Once the system is cool, the fan shuts off. It is also perfectly fine to leave your PS4 in rest mode until the next use.

What if my PS4 fan is still loud after it has been cleaned?

Other components within your PS4 also get dusty. Some are harder to reach and require more steps to clean. If the fan on your PS4 is still loud after it has been cleaned, it is time to clean the heat sink and hard drive bay.





How To Clean Ground Under Bird Feeders

Allowing birdseed to gather and spoil on the ground causes a host of problems. Wasted seed can change the pH levels of your soil, cause mold and mildew to grow, invite unwanted critters, and much more. Bird feeders are designed to make the birds in your yard happy, but you do not want to sacrifice your landscape. Knowing how to clean under that bird feeder and discovering how you can keep it clean indefinitely is the key to happy, healthy birds and a beautiful lawn.

Supplies For Cleaning Under Bird Feeders

Wasted birdseed can cause unwanted weeds to grow, too. Keeping the area under your bird feeders clean does not take a lot of work; however, you must know what to do so you can avoid problems in the future. Cleaning under your bird feeder can be completed in three easy steps, and only requires a few simple tools.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are necessary for working with and picking up the debris underneath the bird feeders.

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Gardening Gloves for Women and Men - M
  • Breathable Bamboo to Keep Your Hands Cool – Bamboo absorbs perspiration, is naturally very breathable. Keeps your hands cool in summer and warm in winter. Pine Tree Gloves are suitable for any job and guaranteed a pleasure to wear.
  • Fits Like A Second Skin - Do you take off your gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare hand sensitivity and are Touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smart phone or ipad without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • Comfortable and Durable Hand Protection - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walking around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? How much more enjoyable would garden chores be, when you wear protective gloves with a snug fit? See our listed size chart picture on the left to determine your correct size. Our gloves have proven abrasion resistance.
  • Please note: our gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • Pure Satisfaction or Money Back – Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!


Mulch is used under the bird feeder to help make the cyclical cleaning process much easier, and it also beautifies your landscape.

Preen 95456134 Mulch Plus Weed Barrier, Russet Red, 2 Cu. Ft.
  • Blocks weeds for 6 months
  • Mulch color lasts all year
  • Covers 12 sq or 2 cu-ft
  • Insoluble in water


A rake is used to help turn the mulch and clean up the area under the bird feeders.

ORIENTOOLS Garden Rake, Adjustable Lightweight Steel Poly Shrub Rake, Plastic Head, 22 Tines, 42 to 60 Inches (Silver Handle)
  • Adjustable Handle: The rake can adjust overall length from 43 to 66 inches by twisting the handle clockwise, and you just turn in the opposite direction to fix length.
  • Multifunctional: The rake is easy to go under bushes and between flowers or in a vegetable garden, and you would never have to lean over the yard again.
  • Lightweight and Compact: This leaf rake is very light and maneuverable around your garden and in between your car and curb where leaves tend to collect, and the 26 tines are solid and close enough that leaves don’t get stuck.
  • Long Reach: The long 66’’ handle will save your back when you clean up your yard, and create the healthiest environment for your lawn, your grass and soil need to breathe and receive water.
  • Easy to Storage: When not in use, the handle can be abridged and you can hang it up to save space.

Weed Eater

A string trimmer is necessary for trimming the grass around the mulch. You want this grass to be kept shorter than the rest of your lawn.

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit (LCC340C)
  • LST140 40 volt max string trimmer/edger with power drive high torque transmission for clean, fast cuts
  • Automatic Feed Spool AFS automatically feeds trimmer line as needed
  • LSW40 40 volt max sweeper a wind speed of up to 130 MPH easily clear debris from hard surfaces
  • Low noise design for quiet operation. Up to 130MPH
  • Both units offer a 'state of charge' indicator which shows your battery charge level. Products are compatible with our 36 volt lithium Ion system

Cleaning The Ground Under Your Bird Feeders

Routinely taking the time to rake, trim and clean the area surrounding your bird feeders keeps the work required to a minimum. Follow this quick three-step process to clean up under your bird feeders and make cleaning much easier the next time.

Step One: Rake Up All Debris Under Bird Feeder

Before adding mulch, you first need to rake up the debris under your bird feeder. With gardening gloves on, pick up the debris and place it in a trash bag.

PREDATORGUARD Squirrel Guard Baffle - Protects Hanging Bird Feeders & Poles - Raccoon & Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders & Bird Houses - Anti-Rust Galvanized Steel - 17 Inch
  • SQUIRREL PROOF YOUR BIRD FEEDER - The Squirrel Guard wrap around squirrel baffle secures bird feeders and bird houses from raiding squirrel and raccoon - protects both pole mounted and hanging bird feeders (all mounting hardware is included with your purchase)
  • WILL NOT RUST - This squirrel baffle is made with the toughest galvanized steel and will not rust - other baffles on the market go rusty after a couple of months and look terrible in your garden
  • SLIPPERY SURFACE - black powder coated steel with slippery no-grip surface defeats the most persistent squirrel and raccoon trying to get to your bird feeders
  • WIDE 17 INCH DIAMETER - Wrap around squirrel baffle quickly attaches to existing bird feeder poles or shepherd hooks (1/2 to 1 inch diameter). Also protects hanging bird feeders - all accessories and easy to follow instructions included.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are a family-owned company and stand behind our customers and our products. We guarantee Squirrel Guard will work for you just like it does for thousands of our customers. Try it 100% Risk-Free. If you are not absolutely DELIGHTED with the result we will refund 100% of your purchase. No questions asked.

Step Two: Spread Mulch Under Feeders

The layer of mulch underneath your bird feeders should be three to four inches thick. Use the rake to spread the mulch evenly.

Step Three: Weed Eat Grass Around Mulch

The grass around the mulched area needs to be kept shorter than the rest of your lawn. Trimming this grass shorter makes cleanup easier.

Final Thoughts

Routinely cleaning under your bird feeders makes this more of a maintenance task than a cleaning task in the future. A quick three-step process is all that is required to keep the birds happy, the varmints away, and your landscape looking gorgeous.

FAQ: Cleaning Under Bird Feeders

Just like with the baffles, there are other tips and tricks for maintaining the area underneath your bird feeders. Staying on top of this area makes clean-up time easier and keeps the birds coming back unaffected by varmints and bully birds.

Is there a product that helps speed up the decomposition of wasted seed?

Yes, a natural enzyme spray can help to speed up the decomposition of wasted birdseed. While both using and turning the mulch regularly buries the seed to allow for decomposition, the natural enzyme spray is still a good idea. Remember to read labels regarding children and pets.

What else can you do besides use baffles to keep the rodents away?

Use no-waste bird food, as this helps to minimize wasted seed. Therefore, the temptation for rodents is significantly reduced. Purchased hulled seeds, such as shelled peanuts and sunflower hearts.

Is there anything you can do to encourage ground feeding of spilled seed?

Leave the bird feeders empty for a couple of days. This encourages the birds to clean up the ground. Using no-waste bird food double-teams this objective.

Should you move bird feeders around occasionally to help with natural cleanup and decomposition of the wasted seed?

Yes, rotating bird feeders allows for a more natural cleanup process. While this makes your job easier, mulch, baffles, and everything else mentioned are still necessary.

Can you add cayenne pepper to birdseed to keep rodents away?

Not only is cayenne pepper a deterrent, but so are peppermint oil and chili flakes. These are natural deterrents, and rodents find their smells offensive.

How To Clean Out Culvert Under Driveway

Clogged culverts are a common problem in rural areas with silt-heavy landscapes and slow-moving water. Sediment builds up inside these drainage pipes, and unchecked buildup can be quite stubborn. Cleaning out the culvert under your driveway can be addressed in three different ways.

Culvert Cleaning Supplies

Clogged culverts cause lawns to flood, and failure to fix the problem can lead to unwanted erosion throughout your landscape. Clogs of different sizes and varying degrees can be located at different points throughout the culvert. That is why there are three easy-to-follow methods for you to choose from when cleaning out the culvert under your driveway.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is used to blast out the sediment and debris causing the clog. This method is especially helpful when the clog is located deeper within the culvert. A heavy-duty gas-powered pressure washer is recommended for this task.

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GC190, 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM, black
  • HONDA GC190 premium residential engine
  • Maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump
  • Note : Keep Maximum Fuel level 1/2 Inch(12.7 mm) below bottom of filler neck to avoid fuel spillage
  • Welded steel construction frame.Pump/Hose Connection:Threaded M22 connection
  • 10'' Premium pneumatic wheels

Sewage Jetter

A sewage jetter kit can be used in conjunction with a gas-powered pressure washer to forcefully eliminate a clog in your culvert.

Sewer Jetter - 50 FT Premium Drain Cleaner for Your Electric or Gas Pressure Washer Up to 2.8 GPM (ONLY for Trigger Guns That Have a Metal Spray Lance)
  • 50 FT SEWER JETTER works ONLY with PRESSURE WASHERS that have a trigger gun with a METAL SPRAY LANCE, and a THREADED BRASS fitting on the inlet of the metal lance. See PRODUCT IMAGES on this page for compatible trigger guns and pressure washer models. NOT COMPATIBLE with pressure washers that have black PLASTIC spray lances. BEFORE ORDERING read and follow all IMPORTANT INFORMATION in the Product Description section. NOT COMPATIBILE with machines over 2.8 GPM.
  • Powerful RAM NOZZLE with FOUR BACK JETS (NO forward jet) maximizes the scrubbing force and cleaning distance from compatible ELECTRIC pressure washers. IDEAL for cleaning and flushing GREASE, SEWAGE, SANITARY PAPER, FOOD RESIDUE, SILT, MUD, LEAVES and YARD DEBRIS. DO NOT use in drains that are packed with hard, solid material like ice, dried clay, rocks or tree roots.
  • SLIMMER, STRONGER 50 FT sewer jetter helps you unclog more types of INDOOR and OUTDOOR DRAINS. Powered by your ELECTRIC or GAS pressure washer rated up to 2.8 GPM.
  • PULLS ITSELF deep into slow drains, BREAKS APART CLOGS, SCRUBS GREASY SLUDGE off the sides of pipes, and FLUSHES OUT DIRTY DEBRIS for more THOROUGH CLEANING than an electric drain snake, plumbers' auger or sewer rod.
  • ASSEMBLED COMPLETE AND READY TO USE - includes 50 foot drain cleaning hose, stainless steel nozzle, M22 male threaded adapter, protective vinyl cap, nozzle cleaning tool, reusable waterproof bundle tie and instructions.


A shovel can be used to eliminate portions of a clog that are near the entryway of the culvert.

Ashman Round Shovel - The Round Shovel has a D Handle Grip with 41 Inches Long Shaft with a Durable Handle – Heavy Duty Blade Weighing 2.2 pounds – Orange Shovel with a Solid Build
  • MULTI UTILITY SHOVEL – The round shovel serves multiple purposes and can be easily used for trenching, transplanting, for moving compost and a multitude of other purposes. One product for all for all the diverse needs. The shovel can cut, scoop, dig and lift and dice through hard soil. It can be used for the purpose of cultivation. You can use it to remove anything stuck in a swamp.
  • PERFECT GRIP – The handle comes with a D Handle that enables easy gripping of the shovel which in turn provides a two-handed control enhancing the efficiency during usage. The round shaped blade ensures scooping and cupping of the soil such that it can be transferred from the digging spot to the disposal spot. The handle won't slip off from the hand during usage even when applying strong forces.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY TOP NOTCH CONSTRUCTION – The hardened round blade is strong and highly durable, and the Durable handle outlasts a wooden handle, extending the service life of the round shovel. The build is such that it feels good to hold and work with. The fiberglass handle has low conductivity meaning it won't transfer any electricity, heat or cold
  • SHARP BLADES – The finely sharpened round blade with a teardrop-shaped end penetrates soil easily and the ergonomic construction helps apply strong force to slice through easily for faster progress. The blade slices swiftly and glides into the soil when digging and scooping. The round curvature ensures that the soil won’t fall off during transfer. The blades will march into the soil just the way a knife slides into an ice cream when cutting slabs.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If unsatisfied with the Ashman Round Shovel for any reason, simply contact our ever-friendly customer support for an instant replacement. Your satisfaction is our commitment and we strive to meet your expectations.

Culvert Cleaning Tool

A culvert-cleaning tool is specifically designed to clean out culverts and remove clogs. The tool features a pivoting hoe-type head that, once submerged into the clog, extracts debris, removing the blockage.

Cleaning Culvert Underneath Driveway

Ideally, a clogged culvert falls under the responsibility of the municipality in which you live. If not under their jurisdiction, the task falls to you. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to clean your culvert. Luckily, the task is easy. Check out these three easy ways you can clean out the culvert underneath your driveway yourself.

Option One: Clear Entryway Debris Using Shovel

If there is debris clogging either entryway to the culvert, use a shovel to dig out the clog. This method removes debris from the entryway so you can see if the clog runs deeper or is only at the entryway to the culvert.

Option Two: Blast Debris Using Pressure Washer

Use a gas-powered pressure washer in conjunction with a sewage jetter to blast the debris out of the culvert and eliminate the clog. If you can remove the clog using this method, the job is finished. If the clog is not removed using this method, move on to option three to clear your culvert.

Option Three: Use Culvert Cleaning Tool to Clear Blockage

A culvert cleaning tool is powerful thanks to its hoe-type head that pivots, helping to extract debris. Insert the head of the tool into the blockage and begin loosening the debris causing the blockage. Remember, you want to loosen the debris and remove it without damaging the culvert.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the culvert under your driveway is now clear of debris. There is a chain and pipe culvert clearing method that is rather complex and should only be used as a last resort. Most homeowners find that the chain and pipe culvert clearing method should be left to professionals. Most of the time, one of the three methods listed above will clear the clog and clean out your culvert. If a clog remains after trying these three methods, you are better off contacting a professional to clean out the culvert under your driveway.

FAQ: Cleaning Out Culvert Under Driveway

Maintaining a clear culvert is not always easy. Unfortunately, the responsibility of a culvert typically falls on landowners. You know how to clear a culvert, but how do you keep it from clogging again? It is important to maintain your culvert and protect its slope for proper drainage.

What can be put in place to protect a culvert from clogging with debris?

A protective barrier made of cattle fencing can be placed around the sides and over the top of the culvert to prevent debris from entering the piping. This type of barrier still allows for water to freely flow but makes it harder for leaves, dirt, and other debris to buildup within the culvert.

How much does it cost to repair a driveway culvert?

Culverts are sloped to provide optimal drainage. Unfortunately, they can be damaged through neglect or via improper cleaning when clogs occur. When in doubt, hire professionals because repairing a culvert can cost you thousands of dollars.

How long does a culvert last?

A well-maintained culvert typically lasts about 100 years and possibly even longer. Culverts must be placed properly and be kept free and clear of debris for them to not only last but operate efficiently.

What problems are caused by failed culverts?

Considering culverts are used for proper drainage, flooding is one problem that can be caused when they are not working properly. Failed culverts also cause land erosion and can, in ecologically sensitive areas, cause harm to the local flora and fauna.

What are some of the other causes for culvert failure?

If your culvert becomes blocked and is not cleared, culvert failure can occur. It is important to perform routine maintenance to help prevent clogs and culvert failure. Culverts can also fail due to installation-related mistakes, volume and capacity issues, and even certain environmental factors based on the areas in which they are located.


How To Clean Vent Under Microwave

The vent or grease filter underneath your over-the-range microwave needs cleaning from time to time to keep the exhaust fan running efficiently. The grease buildup on the vent under your microwave can be quite stubborn to remove; however, when the right cleaning products are used and the right techniques are employed, this task is simple. Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to clean the vent under your microwave.

Microwave Vent Cleaning Supplies

Seven supplies are necessary to tackle the grease and eliminate the buildup. You will likely have most, if not all of the supplies needed for this task, around your house. These supplies along with four easy steps will have your microwave vent looking great.

Small Cleaning Brush

 A small cleaning brush or an old toothbrush is used for touchup purposes at the very end of this cleaning task.

3-in-1 Grout Cleaner Brush Set – Small Cleaning Brush Set for Deep Detail Cleaning – Grout Brush for Shower, Tile Lines Brush – Small Scrub Brushes for Deep Cleaning Crevice, Window Track
  • 💡 Grout cleaning brush set: Clean years of dirt from grout lines with this small cleaning brush set. Clean grout and tiles and restore them to their former glory. This 3-in-1 cleaning brush is the perfect grout cleaning brush set.
  • ✨Use the small scrub brush to clean: Grout, glass tile, ceramic tile, stone tile, hardwood floor, marble floor, marble tile, tile floor, and more. It's the best crevice cleaning brush set.
  • ✔️ Versatile 3-in-1 detail cleaning brush set: The is a 3-in-1 cleaning brush set. Use the long handle brush to reach nooks and crannies, short handle brush for power scrubbing, and small detail brush for deep cleaning.
  • 💪 Durable cleaning brush set: The small cleaning brush set is an effective crevice cleaning brush that's perfect as a tile lines brush. This small cleaning brush set is great for detailing and deep cleaning.

Cleaning Gloves

Heavy-duty rubber gloves designed for tough cleaning tasks will protect your hands while cleaning the vent and filter of your microwave.

Vgo 3-Pairs Reusable Household Gloves, Rubber Dishwashing gloves, Extra Thickness, Long Sleeves, Kitchen Cleaning, Working, Painting, Gardening, Pet Care (Size L, Yellow, HH4601)
  • MULTI-PURPOSE APPLICATIONS - Perfect for dishwashing, pool maintenance, logistics, cleaning (ex. pond gutter grain), car/cloth washing, kitchen/bathroom using, working, painting, gardening, fishing, pet caring, daily chores,DIY and any household duties.
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Dish Soap

Dish soap is designed to cut grease, which is why it is the preferred cleaning agent for cleaning under the vent of your microwave.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap (4x19oz) + Non-Scratch Sponge (2ct), Original Scent (Packaging May Vary), Combo pack
  • 50 percent Less Scrubbing
  • Contains 3x Grease Cleaning Power (cleaning ingredients per drop vs. Dawn Non-Concentrated)
  • Our NEW More Powerful Formula helps you get through more dishes with less dishwashing liquid
  • Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent
  • Packaging & sponge shape will vary

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another cleaning product that can help remove grease buildup from the vents under a microwave.

ARM & HAMMER Pure Baking Soda 8 oz (Pack of 6)
  • America's no 1 trusted baking soda brand
  • The standard of purity
  • Hundreds of uses

Large Pot

You will need a pot large enough to hold the grease filter or vent along with an ample amount of water and cleaning products.

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  • Measures 18.9 by 14.6 by 10.3 inches; backed by an AmazonCommercial 1-year limited warranty

Metal Tongs

A pair of metal tongs are used to turn the vent or grease filter in the boiling water as it is being cleaned.

AmazonCommercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs, Non-Slip Grip, 9" and 12" Tong Set, Black, Pack of 2
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  • Versatile: the kitchen tongs work well for cooking in the kitchen, grilling on a barbecue, or serving at the table
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  • Easy care and warranty: dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup; backed by an AmazonCommercial 1-year limited warranty

Cleaning Vent Grease Filter Under Microwave

While the method to clean the vent underneath your over-the-range microwave requires several supplies, the process is simple. In four easy steps, the grease filter will look spotless, ensuring the exhaust fan works properly. When performing this task, the cleaning agents do most of the work for you.

Step One: Unplug Microwave and Remove Filter

Before doing anything, unplug the microwave. Next, with rubber cleaning gloves on, remove the vent or grease filter from your microwave. Do not rinse the filter; simply lay it down and continue to the next step.

Step Two:  Prepare Cleaning and Soaking Solution

Fill the large pot about halfway with tap water and bring it to a boil. Add three teaspoons of dish soap and one-half cup of baking soda. Stir the water to properly mix the baking soda and dish soap into the water.

Step Three: Soak Grease Filter In Cleaning Solution

Using a pair of metal tongs, place half of the vent or grease filter into the large pot. You are going to notice the grease bubbling up right away. Allow the cleaning solution and boiling water time to do their job.

Step Four: Touch-Up, Rinse, And Dry

Use a small cleaning brush to tackle any stubborn grease spots. Rinse the grease filter and allow for it to air dry. Replace the vent to your over-the-range microwave and dispose of the water in the pot.

Final Thoughts

While this cleaning task could be completed without all the suggested supplies, this step-by-step process is the best way to get the job done. The combination of dish soap and baking soda works together to cut grease and release it from the grease filter. While soaking is required, this cleaning task can be completed quickly and easily.

FAQ: Cleaning Vent Underneath Over-The-Range Microwave

The vent underneath an over-the-range microwave is out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, this does not exempt homeowners from this important cleaning task. Cleaning the vent under the microwave the exhaust fan work properly. Thankfully, the task is quite simple and is even easier when completed routinely.

How often should you clean the vent under your microwave?

Clean the vent or grease filter underneath your over-the-range microwave once a month. Cleaning this important filter helps improve the functionality of your exhaust fan and cuts down on smoke and cooking odors. If you cook often, this task may need to be performed more often.

Can a charcoal filter be cleaned and reused?

No. While the vent or grease filter can be cleaned and reused, that is not the case with a charcoal filter. A charcoal filter must be replaced at least once a year. If you are an avid cook, you may need to clean it more often.

How do I know if my microwave’s charcoal filter is recirculating air properly?

A charcoal filter helps to purify the air. If the charcoal filter is not working properly, you will begin to notice cooking odors long after your meal is done. If you begin to notice lingering odors in your kitchen, it is time to replace the charcoal filter in your microwave exhaust vent.

What happens if you fail to clean or replace the filter often enough?

Failure to clean or replace the filter often enough eventually compromises the exhaust fan. It can shorten the life of your microwave, and grease and other residue start to build up around the exhaust fan, on the microwave, and the surrounding walls. You will have a nasty mess on your hands at that point.

Can a grease filter be placed in the dishwasher?

Truthfully, most grease filters can be placed in a dishwasher; however, individual owner’s manuals must be checked before you make such a move. Additionally, this is not the preferred cleaning method but certainly an alternative solution if you are pressed for time.