How To Clean A Garbage Can With Maggots

Date Published: June 11, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Flies seek out heat, protection, and food when laying eggs, and that means maggot infestations in trash cans are quite common. Cleaning up such a mess does not sound like the most exciting task.

Thankfully, this step-by-step guide is going to help you make short work of that maggot infestation and is going to help you take a step towards preventing future problems.

Cleaning Supplies Needed

Taking care of this cleaning task only requires a list of five supplies. Using gloves, dish soap, towels, white vinegar, boiling water, and a garden hose, you can get the job done. In just a few short minutes, you are going to have a clean trash can on your hands.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is used to both clean and disinfect the trash can after the maggots have been killed. The last thing you want is for the flies to feel like your trash can is home sweet home after it has been cleaned. Any good dish soap will work, but Dawn is always recommended.

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Boiling Water & White Vinegar

A solution of boiling water and white vinegar is going to be used to kill the maggots. Alternatively, Terro Garbage Guard can also be used. The boiling water kills the maggots, but you will see why vinegar and/or Terro Garbage Guard are also recommendations.

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Towels are necessary for drying the trash can thoroughly, prior to putting any bags of trash back in the receptacle. Alternatively, the trash can is just fine air drying, but finishing this task more quickly means you need drying towels.

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Cleaning Gloves

Keep your hands protected when messing with trash and a maggot infestation. A good pair of cleaning gloves come in handy for many tasks around the house. These types of gloves are reusable and provide the protective barrier needed for this type of chore.

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Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is an essential part of this cleaning task. Trash cans get dirty, and a scrub brush is used on the walls of the trash can after the maggots have been killed. An all-purpose scrub brush is ideal and can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks around the house.

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Garden Hose

A garden hose is the last item you need to finish this cleaning task. The hose is going to be used to both clean and rinse out the trash can thoroughly after it has been cleaned. Covering all your bases is how you keep those maggots away.

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Cleaning A Garbage Can After Maggot Infestation

Cleaning up a maggot infestation is not how you want to spend a Saturday afternoon, or any afternoon for that matter. With the right supplies, however, this cleaning task is history in a matter of minutes. You do not want to allow the maggots to keep multiplying and hatching, so it is time to get to work.

Step 1: Remove All Trash

Before you can work to eliminate the maggots, all trash must be removed from the receptacle. This includes any loose trash and debris. Don those protective cleaning gloves and empty the trash can.

Pro Tip: If trash pick-up is days away, you may want to consider either waiting until closer to that time or taking it upon yourself to bring the garbage to the dump.

Step 2: Kill Those Maggots

Now it is time for the boiling water. The boiling water is going to kill the maggots, but experts recommend one part white vinegar to three parts boiling water. The white vinegar eliminates odors that attract flies, helping to prevent their return after you are done cleaning.

Be sure to pour the solution along the inside walls of the trash can. This ensures the boiling water and vinegar cover as much of the surface area as possible on the way down.

Pro Tip: Terro Garbage Guard is another recommended solution, and it is designed to protect against maggot infestations for up to four months.

Step 3: Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting the trash can is your next step. It is time to break out the dish soap, the garden hose, and the scrub brush. The soapy water and all-purpose scrub brush eliminate the waste residue of all types. You want to keep those flies away and prevent them from establishing a new breeding ground.

Step 4: Empty Trash Can & Dry

After scrubbing the inside walls of the trash can, it is time to empty it of its soapy water. Dump the soapy water from your trash can and then spray the can out with clean water.

Use your cleaning towels and thoroughly dry the receptacle. This step is important because you want to eliminate all traces of moisture. After the trash can is completely dry, the bags of trash can be placed back into the receptacle, if you have not already taken them to the dump.

Pro Tip: Hand-drying the trash can is avoidable if you choose to allow the receptacle to air dry for approximately 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

This type of cleaning task makes you feel like you must get down and dirty. Truthfully, however, you can avoid that type of hassle using the right supplies and these step-by-step instructions. The maggots do not stand a chance against your new knowledge and expertise.

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