How To Clean Under Armour Hovr Shoes

Date Published: August 1, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Hovr shoes are designed for athletes and active people, which means these shoes need to be cleaned more often than other types of shoes. Under Armour provides suggestions on how each of its products should be cleaned. Shining up those Hovr shoes requires only four supplies and a simple, three-step process.

Hovr Shoes Cleaning Supplies

Hovr shoes should never be fully submerged in water, which means the washing machine is out of the equation. Hand-washing your Under Armour shoes is the recommended method for cleaning your Hovr shoes. Gather the following three supplies and use this short guide to clean your Hovr shoes for their next use.

Small Cleaning Brush

A small cleaning brush is used to remove excess dirt and grime.

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Mild Detergent

A mild detergent is used with warm water to handwash the shoes and remove any stains.

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A sponge is used with the mild detergent to hand wash the shoes.

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A wet washcloth is used to wipe away soapy water and residue.

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While air-drying Under Armour shoes is ideal, the weather is not always ideal. It is best to air-dry the shoes in front of a fan, which will speed up the drying process.

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Cleaning Under Armour Hovr Shoes

Shoes worn by active people soil easily and need to be cleaned regularly. Thankfully, the hand-washing process for Hovr shoes requires only four items and takes only a couple of minutes. Our step-by-step instructions will have your shoes looking great in no time.

Step One: Use Dry Brush to Remove Excess Dirt

Gently brush away any dirt using the dry, small cleaning brush. You do not want to scrub too hard on this step. Gently agitate the fabric with the brush and allow it to work its magic.

  • Pro Tip: If dry dirt is caked on the shoes, a small, blunt instrument like a credit card can be used to scrape off the dried, caked-on mud. If your shoes get wet, wait for the dirt or caked-on mud to dry before you start this cleaning process.

Step Two: Handwash Shoes Using Mild Detergent

Apply a few drops of mild detergent to a sponge that has been moistened. Gently scrub the fabric, paying special attention to stains and heavily soiled spots. After the fabric is cleaned, it is time to clean the soles. This part of the process may require some extra elbow grease, but it is worth it to help your soles pop.

  • Pro Tip: While the manufacturer’s instructions advise consumers to avoid fully submerging shoes in water, do not be afraid to use water during the handwashing process. There is a big difference between handwashing using a sponge, water, and a mild detergent (as recommended) and submerging your shoes in a washing machine’s wash cycle.

Step Three: Wipe Shoes Using Washcloth and Air Dry Them

Wipe off the excess soap and residue using a clean, wet washcloth. Air dry your shoes in front of a fan or outside if the weather permits. Do not put the shoes in a dryer.

  • Pro Tip: Position the shoes open-faced in front of the fan, and if possible, leaning towards the fan. This technique helps dry the shoes faster.

Final Thoughts

While Under Armour recommends consumers clean their Hovr shoes delicately, you can still get your shoes clean. Our recommended process is extremely effective. Other cleaning agents may be used in place of mild detergent; however, it is not recommended. To keep your Hovr shoes looking great and lasting a long time, follow our instructions.

FAQ: Cleaning Under Armour Hovr Shoes

Cleaning your Hovr shoes regularly keeps them looking good and staying in good shape. When you properly care for your shoes, they will provide you with the necessary comfort and support you expect from these great shoes.

How often should you clean your Hovr shoes?

Clean your shoes using the suggested process once per month. If your shoes get especially dirty, you may need to clean them more often.

Can you handwash the inside soles of your shoes?

You can use the sponge and mild detergent method to wash the inside soles of your shoes. Be gentle, however, as you do not want to mess up the soles or any adhesives used during the manufacturing process.

Can you substitute a household cleaner for the mild detergent?

No, all-purpose household cleaners, such as 409, can cause synthetic leather to dry out, resulting in cracks. These cleaners can also damage other fabrics found in the shoe.

Can you wash shoelaces?

Yes, you can take the shoelaces off and wash them in the washing machine. This extra step can help keep your Hovr shoes looking newer. Be sure to air dry the shoelaces. Never put shoelaces in a dryer. A dryer shrinks shoelaces and can damage their plastic tips.

How do you freshen up a pair of smelly shoes?

Shoes sometimes develop odors after being worn repeatedly. Since you should not fully submerge your shoes in water, they are more prone to developing these types of odors over time. Baking soda is a good natural odor neutralizer that can be used to eliminate odors. Simply sprinkle in the shoes and allow to sit for a couple of days.

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