How To Remove Hair From Carpet Without Vacuum

Date Published: June 19, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Long hairs are especially difficult to remove from carpeting. Hair tangled around vacuum rollers is not any fun. This guide is designed to help you not only eliminate hair and other debris from your carpet but also deodorize them. Additionally, you are going to be provided with an extra tip to help you keep pet hair off the carpeting in your home.

Cleaning Supplies

Vacuum cleaners do not always pick up all the pet hair and other debris found in your carpets. A little extra cleaning is required. We are going to show you a couple of specialized tools that can be used to help keep your carpets extra clean. Collect the following supplies and get ready to follow a short and sweet four-step process to get this task completed.

Cleaning Brush

A cleaning brush or bristle brush is used to loosen hair from your carpets. A sponge can be used as a substitute here, but a bristle brush works much better.

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Liquid Fabric Softener

A liquid fabric softener mixed with water and placed in a spray bottle will be used as a cleaning agent. This solution not only cleans and removes embedded hairs from your carpets but also deodorizes your carpets as well.

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Spray Bottle

You need an empty spray bottle to hold the cleaning solution. You are going to fill this spray bottle with water and then add several drops of fabric softener.

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Rubber Broom

A rubber broom is one of the unique and specialized tools you can use in your home to help remove hair that is embedded in your carpeting. Barbers use rubber brooms to clean their floors. These brooms allow you to harness the power of static electricity when cleaning your carpets.

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  • 💯[SILICONE BRISTLES] Thousands of screw thread silicone bristles increase friction of scrubbing pet hair, these stiff bristles will handle with the toughest and roughest surfaces. 13" width electrostatic rubber bristles easily attract and collect dust, hair, paper and other garbage on the floor and carpet.
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Carpet Rake

A carpet rake is another specialized tool used to help pick up pet and human hair. A carpet rake is less versatile than a rubber broom. Furthermore, a rubber broom can be used for other cleaning tasks, while a carpet rake has only one purpose.

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Floor Lint Roller

A floor lint roller can be used in between cleanings to help keep the carpets in your home hair-free. Using a floor lint roller regularly is going to keep your carpets looking nice and reduce the frequency of repeating this cleaning task.

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  • The lint roller works like a silent cordless vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair, lint crumbs, etc.
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Removing Pet Hair from Carpet Without Using Vacuum

Pet hair, human hair, and other debris easily get entangled in carpet fibers. Vacuuming alone does not cut it when there is a lot of stray hairs embedded in carpet fibers. The cleaning tools mentioned are all you need to finish the job and keep your carpets clean and hair-free in four easy steps!

Step One: Spray Carpet with the Cleaning Solution

Spray the carpet using the water and fabric softener solution you made in the empty spray bottle. The fabric softener doubles as a deodorizer. The dampened hair is now also primed to clump together, making the rest of this cleaning process much easier on you.

  • Pro Tip: Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas, spraying extra cleaning solution when necessary.

Step Two: Use a Cleaning Brush

Scrub the carpet using a cleaning brush or bristle brush. This step helps loosen hairs from your carpet fibers. A flexible squeegee may also be used as a substitute here if you prefer. As you work your way around, pick up any hair clumps that have already worked their way to the surface.

  • Pro Tip: Pay attention once again to those high-traffic areas. Fresh, clean carpeting depends upon you disentangling all that hair.

Step Three: Rake Using a Rubber Broom

The best rubber brooms also double as carpet rakes. Using a carpet rake or rubber broom, work your way around the room, picking up the rest of that hair. Use the rubber broom like a vacuum, pushing it in a straight line. For stubborn areas, small, deliberate strokes work well to help pick up hair.

  • Pro Tip: Work your way towards an adjoining room with a non-carpeted surface or another designated area for piling up the hair. Afterward, the hair can be swept into a dustpan or picked up using a dust buster.

Final Thoughts

Remember to pick up a floor lint roller with a long handle to use for maintenance purposes. Used intermittently between cleanings, it can help to prevent hair from getting entangled and embedded deep within the carpet fibers. You want to keep those carpets fresh and clean!

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