How To Clean Mold Under Vinyl Flooring

Date Published: August 1, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Mold and mildew under vinyl flooring is a health concern. Mold needs to be identified, and if a problem persists or it has spread to the floorboards, you need to contact a mold remediation specialist. Cleaning up mold can be completed in a few easy steps, but the steps need to be followed meticulously.

Mold Cleaning Supplies

Mold spreads easily and reproduces when moisture is present. Mold under flooring poses a risk to the structure itself and the individuals living within a home. Gather your mold cleaning supplies and get ready to eliminate the mold under your linoleum flooring in three easy steps.


Bleach is recommended when dealing with mold, especially black mold. Other cleaning agents can work, but you want to eliminate the threat from under your flooring completely.

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Spray Bottle

The empty spray bottle is used for the bleach and water cleaning solution. Use one part bleach to four parts water.

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Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is necessary for scrubbing and cleaning the flooring surface. Ideally, use a scrub brush with a long handle so you are not near the floor when cleaning. You will be wearing protective gear, but a long-handled scrub brush is still a good idea.

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Rubber Gloves

Waterproof gloves help protect your hands when working with bleach and around the mold.

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Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are required for this task. Mold easily spreads, and although you will be taking precautionary measures, safety gear is necessary.

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N95 Mask

It is also important to wear an N95 face mask to prevent breathing in harmful mold spores.

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Towels are used to help dry the floor after scrubbing and cleaning.

Utopia Towels Medium Cotton Towels, White, 24 x 48 Inches Towels for Pool, Spa, and Gym Lightweight and Highly Absorbent Quick Drying Towels, (Pack of 6)
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Blower Fan

A blower fan may also be used to dry the floor. Any fan would work, but a blower fan is much more efficient.

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Cleaning Up Mold Under Vinyl Flooring

You must clean your gear when this project is complete to prevent mold spores from spreading. Thankfully, cleaning up mold is more of a meticulous process than a difficult one. Follow these four easy steps to clean mold under your vinyl flooring.

Step One: Spray Affected Area

Using the spray bottle containing the bleach and water cleaning solution, spray down the affected area. Allow the cleaning solution to sit for about 10 minutes. This will give the bleach a chance to break down and kill the mold.

SYINE Large Disposable Coverall Suit with Hood, Elastic Cuff For Dry Particulates and Fluid Protection,5 Packs
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  • ▷LIGHTWEIGHT-Lightweigt&elastic design make you easy to work,and never limit your movement.
  • ▷ABSOLUTE PROTECTION- High density materials of coverall fabric offers an inherent barrier to small size particles,include dry particulates and fluid.Anti-static coating on both sides helps reduce static build-up and prevent the risk of static discharge during use.
  • ▷MUTI-PURPOSE USE-It is a versatile garment for a range of jobs including paint spraying, mold treatment, lead and asbestos abatement/remediation, general maintenance/operations, and general cleanup work etc.Not for chemical resistant.
  • ▷ITEM INCLUDED-Pack of 5 coveralls.Foot cover not included.

Step Two: Clean Using Scrub Brush

Spray some of the bleach and water solution directly on the scrub brush.  Then, use the floor scrub brush to clean the affected area. Repeat this process until your entire floor has been scrubbed and the mold has been removed.

  • Pro Tip: Always make sure your floor is wet with the bleach mixture to avoid spreading mold spores.

Step Three: Dry Flooring Surface Area

Once you have killed the mold, the floor must be dried. Since moisture helps facilitate mold growth, it is essential to dry your floor thoroughly, using your cleaning towels. Alternatively, you can plug in a blower fan to dry your floor or use a combination of both strategies.

Step Four: Clean Gear Thoroughly

After working with mold, it is important to clean the gear used for the task. Place the towels into the washing machine immediately and wash on the hottest setting. Use the bleach and water solution to clean the safety glasses, rubber gloves, and scrub brush. The N95 mask can be cleaned, or you can opt to throw it away if you have extra masks available.

  • Pro Tip: Air-dry your cleaning gear outdoors in the sun.  

Final Thoughts

Discovering mold in your home is never welcome news. Finding mold under linoleum flooring certainly presents its unique challenges, but you can clean mold under vinyl flooring in four easy steps. Always take your time and follow safety practices to prevent the spread of mold spores.

FAQ: Cleaning Up Mold Under Linoleum Flooring

Mold is a touchy subject with homeowners. People know the risks, but mold growth is often out of sight and out of mind. Taking steps towards mold prevention, however, can help to minimize the amount of mold removal cleaning tasks you have to perform. Look at these FAQs geared toward mold prevention.

 What are some tips for preventing mold under linoleum flooring and in the household?

Keep an eye out for the humidity level in your household. Make sure all rooms are well-ventilated, too. Use anti-microbial wipes on any areas that are frequently damp. Additionally, pay attention to corners and crevices.

Can mold grow on the concrete underneath the vinyl flooring in my house?

Yes, mold can grow on the concrete underneath vinyl flooring, especially if the concrete has cracked.

Is Mold Under Vinyl Flooring Dangerous?

Mold under vinyl flooring can be dangerous, especially if mold spores start to spread throughout your home. Not only can mold cause physical damage to your home’s structure, but it can pose serious health consequences to you and your family.

What are some signs that mold is present underneath linoleum flooring?

Mold creates a musty smell that is unique and identifiable. Water stains are also a cautionary sign. If you suspect mold underneath your linoleum flooring, lift the flooring material and inspect the area. Different types of molds show up in different colors on various surfaces. On wood, look for green and/or greenish/grey residue.

If mold is heavily present on the subfloor, should you replace the boards?

Mold can damage the wood underneath linoleum flooring, causing it to warp, rot, etc. If the mold issue within your home is out of hand, contact a mold remediation specialist. They will assess the situation and provide additional direction.

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