How To Clean Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Date Published: August 1, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Riding around on a clogged mower can damage your turf as well as the machine itself. You want a manicured lawn, and you must take good care of your mower for it to operate efficiently. This step-by-step guide to cleaning under your riding lawnmower deck makes it easy.

Lawnmower Deck Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning regularly under the deck of your riding lawnmower helps protect the blades and prevent rust. Some of the supplies suggested are optional but make for a much easier task. Remember that safety is a priority when working on the underside of a riding mower deck. Gather the necessary supplies and get ready to complete this job in under 30 minutes.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are necessary for keeping your hands safe and clean during this task. A pair of heavy-duty, breathable garden gloves is recommended.

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Two buckets will be needed for this task. Use the first bucket to drain the gas from your mower. The second bucket will be used to hold your cleaning supplies.

Metal Pry Bar

A metal pry bar can be used to scrape away debris. This unconventional tool comes in handy for quite a few projects around the house.

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Putty Knife

A putty knife may also be used to scrape away the debris under the riding lawnmower deck.

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Wire Brush

A wire brush is used to scrub off the leftover dirt that is under the mower deck. The pry bar or putty knife is going to do most of the work, but you want to double back and scrub using the wire brush.

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Garden Hose

A garden hose is used to rinse the deck of your riding mower. Be sure that you have positioned your mower to where your garden hose can reach the mower before starting this cleaning task.

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Pressure Washer

If you own a pressure washer, you can use it for this cleaning task instead of a garden hose. Whichever you choose, you want to be careful with water around your mower’s electrical components.

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Dish Soap

Dish soap is necessary to make your cleaning solution. Any dish soap will do, but Dawn is always recommended for important cleaning tasks.

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How To Clean Riding Lawnmower Deck

Mowing in dry weather can help reduce clogs. Cleaning under your riding lawnmower can be completed in four easy steps.

Step One: Disengage Mower

First, the riding mower must be prepped for this cleaning task. With your garden gloves on, disengage the mower’s spark plug. This eliminates the chance of your mower accidentally starting while you are cleaning. Lastly, you want to you need to remove the fuel from your mower by either siphoning the gas, running the mower empty, or tipping the mower on its side and emptying the fuel into a bucket.

Step Two: Clear Caked on Debris

Spray down the underside of the lawnmower deck using the garden hose or pressure washer. Doing this wets that grass, making removal much easier. Next, take the pry bar or putty knife and start scraping. If it has been a while in between cleanings, you are likely to have encountered quite a lot of caked-on grass and other deposits.

Step Three: Wash Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Pour some dish soap and water into your bucket to create a cleaning solution. Apply the cleaning solution to the underside of the mower deck and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes.

After soaking, take the wire brush and scrub away the extra dirt that has yet to be removed. Next, using the garden hose or pressure washer, rinse the underside of the riding lawnmower deck. The deck of your mower is now clean and just needs to air dry for several minutes before you turn it back over.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning under the deck of your riding mower is an easy job. It can be completed in four easy steps. Keeping the deck of your riding mower clean will help you maintain a manicured lawn.

FAQ: Cleaning Under Riding Lawnmower Deck

Cleaning under your riding lawnmower’s deck is easy when you follow our step-by-step instructions. The following are frequently asked questions that consumers often encounter when cleaning the deck of their riding mowers.

What can you do to prevent dirt and grass from sticking to the underside of a riding lawnmower deck?

Spray a non-stick vegetable oil or silicone lubricant on the underside of the deck. Alternatively, WD40 can be used. There are commercial deck coatings available as well.

Can you paint the underside of a riding lawnmower deck?

Yes, painting the underside of your riding mower’s deck helps to protect it from debris and prevent rust. Furthermore, it can help to increase the life span of your riding lawnmower.

How Often Should You Clean Under Riding Lawnmower Deck?

Experts recommend that you scrub under a riding lawnmower deck twice per season. Mowing when the grass is wet or forgetting to clear grass under the deck after each use can cause you to have to clean the deck more often.

Does Running Your Mower Full Throttle Help Prevent Buildup?

Yes, mowing at full throttle is always recommended. Doing so helps prevent glass clippings and other debris from sticking to the underside of the mower’s deck.

Can Skipping This Deck Cleaning Task Lead to Turf Diseases?

Yes, microorganisms responsible for spreading turf diseases now have a solid breeding ground if you fail to clean the underside of your riding mower’s deck.

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