How To Clean Quartz Crystals Without Acid

Date Published: August 1, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Clay, iron, algae, and other mineral deposits can stain quartz crystals. These crystals should be cleaned from time to time to eliminate built-up dust and dirt.

Several cleaning methods can be used to clean quartz crystals, including oxalic acid. Our step-by-step guide, however, is designed to show you how to clean quartz crystals without using acid.

Quartz Cleaning Supplies

High-pressure water guns and air tools are especially good for removing iron deposits while scouring powder and a wire brush can remove clay deposits from quartz crystals. You can also clean your quartz crystals using commercial chemical cleaners. Gather your supplies and get ready to clean your quartz crystals in three easy steps.

Scouring Powder

An all-purpose, non-abrasive scouring powder can eliminate clay stains.

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Wire Brush

A wire brush may be used in conjunction with the scouring powder.

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Large Bowl

A large bowl is used to soak the quartz crystals.

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Bleach is used to soak the quartz crystals.

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Cleaning Gloves

Gloves protect your hands from the chemicals used to clean quartz crystals.

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High-Pressure Air Gun

A high-pressure air gun is used to eliminate iron deposits from quartz crystals.

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Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is another tool used to eliminate iron deposits from quartz crystals.

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Iron Out

Iron Out is a popular commercial product that can be used to eliminate iron deposits on quartz crystals.

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How To Clean Quartz Crystals

Cleaning quartz crystals is completed in three easy steps. The method you choose depends on the type of stains you are trying to remove.

First, let’s look at one of the most-suggested quartz crystal cleaning strategies, and then you will be shown other methods that address individual types of stains.

All-Purpose Cleaning Strategy

The suggested all-purpose cleaning strategy is soaking the quartz crystals in bleach water.

Step One: Soak Crystals in Bleach Water

Place the quartz crystals in the large bowl. Fill the bowl with water and a quarter cup of bleach.

  • Pro Tip: Allow the quartz crystals to soak for several days. No extra work is required, just patience.

Step Two: Rinse and Dry Quartz Crystals

After soaking the quartz crystals in bleach water, rinse them thoroughly and allow them to air dry for 24 hours.

  • Pro Tip: The 24-hour window is necessary before attempting any other type of chemical cleaning process.

Now you know how to clean quartz crystals by soaking them in bleach. Below you are going to find other cleaning methods that address specific stains and mineral deposits.

First, for iron deposits, you can use the step-by-step process above by substituting Iron Out in place of the bleach. Iron Out is strong, but you may need to soak the quartz crystals for weeks instead of days like you would with bleach.

Use Pressure Washer

A pressure washer makes removing iron stains from quartz crystals easy. Simply spray off the quartz crystals using the pressure washer. While this method is effective, it is not preferred. Alternatively, you can use a high-pressure air tool to clean the iron stains off your quartz crystals.

Removing Clay Stains

One of the best methods for removing clay stains from quartz crystals involves using an all-purpose scouring powder and a wire brush. Alternatively, you can use an old toothbrush if you do not have a wire brush.

Step One: Apply Scouring Powder to Quartz Crystals

Place the quartz crystals in the large bowl and sprinkle them liberally with scouring powder. Add a small amount of water to allow for scrubbing.

Step Two: Scrub Quartz Crystals Using Wire Brush

Scrub the crystals using the steel wire brush. Clay stains are stubborn, so be sure to scrub diligently.

  • Pro Tip: You do not have to be gentle; quartz is a very durable mineral.

Step Three: Rinse and Dry Quartz Crystals

Rinse the quartz crystals thoroughly and allow them to air dry.

  • Pro Tip: If no clay or iron stains are present, and you simply want to remove dust and dirt from your quartz crystals, use this step-by-step process but omit the scouring powder. You can simply use warm water and scrub the crystals using the wire brush.

Final Thoughts

Clay and iron deposits are both commonly found on quartz crystals. These crystals may need to be cleaned from time to time. Select one of the above methods and shine up those quartz crystals.

FAQ: Cleaning Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are subject to quite a few different types of stains. This is especially true for quartz crystals discovered out in nature. Whether you are cleaning the quartz crystals for the first time or developing a routine, follow our easy-to-understand instructions.

What is the best cleaning method for quartz crystals that have algae stains?

The bleach soaking method described above is the preferred solution for removing algae stains from quartz crystals.

Is there a way to shine up quartz crystals that have lost their luster?

Cleaning quartz crystals helps restore luster. You can restore luster by making a paste of salt and vinegar. Apply the paste and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse your quartz crystals thoroughly. This method is designed to shine up your quartz crystals in between cleanings. It can also be used on cloudy crystals. You can also use cotton balls and white vinegar to shine up quartz crystals.

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What can you do to avoid having to clean your quartz crystals too often?

Dust your quartz crystals weekly using a soft cloth. This helps prevent buildup from forming on your quartz crystals.

How often should quartz crystals be cleaned using one of the above methods?

Soak your crystals once every six months. Be sure to keep up with the intermittent dusting, too.

Does hydrogen peroxide work to eliminate stains on quartz crystals?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can be used as a cleaning solution for quartz crystals. Wipe crystals with hydrogen peroxide, rinse thoroughly, and allow to air dry.





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