How To Clean Your Under Armour Mask

Date Published: August 1, 2021
Author: Kylee Smith

Under Armour masks are a popular choice due to the company's breathable fabrics. Cleaning an Under Armour mask ensures your mask continues to serve its intended purpose. There are two cleaning methods that can be used, both of which have been cleared by the company itself. Get your mask cleaning supplies together, and get this job completed in three easy steps.

Mask Cleaning Supplies

While there are two possible cleaning methods that can be used to clean your mask; however, the company recommends handwashing the mask rather than washing it in a washing machine. You can use either method as the supplies are the same for both cleaning methods.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is recommended for handwashing your Under Armour mask.

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Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is recommended for washing your Under Armour mask in a washing machine.

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Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is used to dry the mask faster than it can air dry. Alternatively, the mask can be put in the dryer, but you must make sure the mask straps do not get caught in the dryer. Tangling can also occur in the washing machine; however, with a dryer, the risk of fire increases if an item becomes hung and sticks to an internal component of the dryer. 

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Cleaning Your Under Armour Mask

Cleaning your Under Armour mask only takes a few minutes if you do it by hand. If you use the wash cycle, the task takes longer but requires less hands-on activity. Under Armour recommends handwashing its masks for the best results. Results matter when you are talking about protecting yourself and others amid the Delta Variant of Covid-19.

Step One: Handwash Your Mask Using Dish Soap

Wash your hand with antibacterial soap before beginning this all-important task. Then add one teaspoon of dish soap to a sink of hot water. You can also apply a small amount of dish soap to the mask itself. Handwash the mask in the soapy water, rubbing it back and forth against your hands and against itself for approximately three minutes.

  • Pro Tip: If your mask ever becomes wet, wash it immediately. A wet mask can start to grow mold spores, compromising your health during use.

If you have decided to use the washing machine, wash your mask a load of clothes. Add the proper amount of laundry detergent for the size of the load and run a complete washing cycle.

Step Two: Rinse Your Mask Thoroughly

Rinse your mask thoroughly using cool water. Once you no longer see suds appearing, the mask has been rinsed sufficiently. If you used the washing machine, the rinse cycle took care of this step.

  • Pro Tip: The rinse cycle on a washing machine works nicely, but it is still a good idea to rinse your mask by hand before drying your mask.

Step Three: Dry Mask Thoroughly

Blow-dry the mask until it is sufficiently dry. Remember that a wet mask can start to grow mold, causing you additional concerns. Therefore, it is always best to blow dry your mask vs allowing it to air dry. Air drying, however, is acceptable under certain circumstances, given the sun can dry the mask quickly enough.

  • Pro Tip: Be sure to take advantage of direct sunlight if air-drying your mask. If you are unable to leave your mask in direct sunlight, always lay it flat to air dry.

If you chose to dry your Under Armour mask in the dryer with a load of clothes, then the machine does the work for you. Once the cycle is complete, your mask is ready to wear once again.

Final Thoughts

Washing your protective mask is a task that must be completed often. Masks are worn for everyone’s protection and must serve their intended purpose. A dirty mask may defeat the purpose of wearing one in the first place. Thankfully, cleaning your Under Armour mask only requires a few minutes of your time.

FAQ: Questions About Cleaning Your Under Armour Mask

While cleaning one of these masks is quite simple, it is a task to take seriously. People want to be sure they are protected in public with the pandemic still in full swing. Keeping your mask ready to go also ensures you are not late showing up to work or any social functions.

How often should you clean your Under Armour mask?

It is recommended you wash your Under Armour mask daily. If your mask is dirty, wash it sooner. To avoid having to stay on top of mask cleaning, have a couple of backup masks on hand.

Can I wash a disposable mask and use it as a backup?

Under no circumstances should disposable masks ever be reused. They are to be thrown away after one use. A more advanced Under Armour mask is more ideal because it provides better protection and saves you money.

How should your Under Armour mask be stored?
Use the carrying case that came with your mask. This protects your mask, ensuring it is fresh and ready to go.

 How long can I use my Under Armour mask before it must be replaced?

While there is no set standard, the CDC has provided guidance concerning this question. Replace your mask if it is damaged or you are finding it difficult to breathe. Additionally, a mask needs to be replaced if it is dirty and not able to be sufficiently cleaned.

Do you still need to wash your mask daily if you do not go out much?

Technically, a mask should be washed after one outing in public. The CDC has issued guidance, however, about handwashing masks worn less often. Do not wait longer than two days, and always look for signs your mask is visibly soiled. Your mask must be washed whenever you are in hot weather or are physically active and exerting yourself.

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